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    The cat is out of the bag! After a little over two years of running @theheadequestrian on Instagram, I decided it was time to take a leap and go big! Welcome to my blog! I frequently have loyal fans and followers ask me to start either a blog or a Youtube – you guys know how I feel about Youtubers, so a blog is IS! Don’t fret, I will still be making vlogs and videos for you, they’ll just be posted here! My Instagram will still be running as usual, so no need to fret there either. I will be using this platform to further write about West, myself, our…

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    My First Two Weeks Using Huel

    A few weeks ago, I was sitting in a meeting with my company, discussing dog food and human nutrition. I made a comment along the lines of .. ” I wish it was as easy for humans to eat as it is for dogs. One scoop in the morning, one at night, done. All vitamins, nutrients, calories, and macros.” A co-worker chimed in and said ” it is. It’s called Huel.” He then proceeded to bring me a bag from his office. He brought me a big white bag with bold lettering “Huel” down the side. He eats this powdery substance five times per day, with fresh fruits and veggies…

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    Georgia Fall Classic – Atlanta Dog Show 2019

    What a great and educational week in Atlanta! Ward showed on Sunday morning, but we went for the whole four days to watch friends and give Ward plenty of settling time. He settled like a champ and did so great crated ringside all week. I handled for the first time, so my only goals for the show were for me to not do anything dumb, Ward to have fun, and just to get him to stand still for the judge. I don’t think they appreciate his kisses as much as I do. At 4.5 months old, he’s in one of those weird, lanky growth spurts right now, so I wasn’t…

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    Go Ultimate or Go Home – Horse Blanketing Made Easy

    It’s finally here … fall. Unfortunately our falls here in the South are brief, so if you aren’t already preparing for winter – now is the time to do so! One of the biggest winter tasks for equestrians is blanketing. Blankets are not only a hassle day to day, they’re expensive, and it seems like something is always wrong with them. Today, I’m sharing how I avoid all of those problems with Smartpak Ultimate blankets. Before we even start, first determine if your horse even needs a blanket. Think hard. Horses in the wild do not get blankets … and they survive. They survive just fine. Unless your horse is…

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    DIY Dehydrated Chicken Feet

    Chicken Feet are a great, healthy, single ingredient chew to treat your dogs with. My local Petco sells chicken and duck feet for $2 each – and the dogs go nuts for them. When you’re constantly buying these, $2 each adds up. Here’s a secret … you can buy 25 raw feet at your local grocery for $3.50 and make them yourself. That comes out to 14 cents per foot, which is a heck of a lot better than $2! Making your own dehydrated chicken feet is SO easy. All you need is a dehydrator ( this is the one I have ) and a pack of feet. My Walmart…

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    Four BIG Reasons to Opt for 24/7 Winter Turnout

    It’s finally October. The heat is almost gone, and the bugs are returning to hell – where they came from, so it’s safe for West to be a normal horse again. By “be a normal horse again” I mean he’s back on full time, 24/7 turnout. If you know me, you know that this is something I do every year in the winter. I’m a major believer in as much turnout as possible – and even MORE so during the winter months. Here’s why … 1 . Your horse has the ability to warm himself up. Sometimes the weather drops down to colder than expected, sometimes the barn staff accidentally…

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    Best of the OPI Scotland Collection

    The OPI Fall Collection is here, and this year’s theme is – Scotland. All the colors are rightfully named and worthy of a fall manicure, but I’ve picked my five favorites! All colors can be purchased directly from the OPI website, or at your favorite OPI retailer! Things I’ve Seen in Aber-Green You’ve Got that Glas-Glow Suzi Needs a Loch-Smith Good Girls Gone Plaid Red Heads Ahead

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    Tips & Tricks to Get Out of Your Riding Slump

    It happens to all of us. Some more than others, but the riding slump is bound to hit you at some point. Not even professionals are safe from it. It’s OK to go through times like this, as life isn’t always pretty. However, when I find that I’m not bouncing back into it after a week or two, I have a few tried and true methods to get me back in the barn. 1 . Sign up for a show. This one is my favorites and most used. By signing up for a horse show, you’re actually forced to ride. If you don’t, you’re setting yourself up for failure. To…