About THE Blog

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here! Like I’ve said before, I started this website as an outlet for myself to use my passion for writing and speaking my mind. I incorporate all the things I love into it – horses, dogs, travel, family, and lifestyle.

The law requires me to be upfront with you on a few things ….

  • I do not take ANY monetary compensation for recommending or reviewing products. This means I don’t do “#ad” and I don’t do sponsored posts.
  • I review ONLY products that I use and trust. If it’s a recommendation coming from me, you can trust that it’s actually a good product – again, I don’t take compensation for any of my reviews.
  • I will occasionally work with a company as an “affiliate,” meaning if someone makes a direct purchase based on my recommendation, I might receive 5-15% commission from that. I am upfront about my affiliate partnerships, so unless a link is clearly marked as an “affiliate link” I don’t receive anything from your purchase. Purchasing from my affiliate link does not add any extra charge to your total, but it does help me out just a bit. 🙂

I take pride in how much my work has spread across the world. I have a bigger, more loyal audience than I ever would have thought. Keep scrolling for my website stats.

Country Reach
Age of Audience
Male – Female Ratio
Horse Ownership.
Dog Ownership.
74 % of readers own both horse and dog. 26 % own one or the other.
81 % of my audience shows horses, 19% do not.