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20 (+) Goals for 2020

  • I want to improve all aspects of my health, even if it is just a little bit.
    • I want to try my hardest to cut out all processed food and drinks, and attempt to follow the Paleolithic way of eating as close as possible.
    • I want to improve my skin care routine, and actually stick to it.
    • I want to workout more, and set a workout based goal for myself. TBD. Maybe 2020 will be the year I finally run a half marathon.
    • I want to try to come off as much medication as possible. Migraine medicine, Advil, Excedrin, allergy medicine, etc.
    • I want to look for more holistic ways of treating sickness and minor illness.
    • I want to be more conscious about what I put inside and outside of my body.
  • I want 2020 to be West’s year.
    • I want to stick to a consistent training schedule with my trainer.
    • I want to stay motivated and driven in regards to our goals.
    • I want to reduce the riding slumps this year.
    • I want to really, really focus on West’s health and fitness – and do absolutely everything I can to help him feel his best.
    • I want to give him breaks and time off, without letting them drag out longer than expected and ruin all the hard work we put in prior.
    • I want to ride a Second Level test.
    • I want to earn year end placements at First Level.
    • I want to qualify for regionals in Ocala, Florida – and possibly go.
  • I want Ward to make a comeback.
    • I want Ward’s rehabilitation to go as smoothly and quickly as expected.
    • I want to work hard with him in the field, and I want him to make us proud when he runs his Natural Ability in the fall.
    • I want to work on my own skills as a handler.
    • I want Ward to finish his Championship in 2020.
    • I want to find another activity that we both enjoy ( obedience, agility, nosework, whatever it might be ) and can bond over.
  • I want to slow down.
    • I want to make myself take breaks from competing with West and the dogs.
    • I want to make time to spend with myself, and myself only.
    • I want to travel more – unrelated to competition of any sort.
    • I want to make more time for my friends and family.

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