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Aqua Paw Equine Bathing Tool – Review

If you find giving your horse a bath as much of a chore as I do .. this post is for you! West, like most, loves to be dirty. The more dirt and mud, the better. I try to at least “quick bathe” him ( bathe the sweatiest and dirtiest parts ) once a week, with a real bath once every two or three weeks.

A 17.2 hand horse who isn’t the most fond of the water hose poses some bath time problems. I have a lot of horse to cover, and have a difficult time doing it – at least from the shoulder up. Aquapaw was designed to help!

Aquapaw owners, Daniel and Tom on ABC’s Shark Tank.

If you’re a fellow Shark Tank lover, you might recognize this brand! Aquapaw was founded by Virginia Tech alumni Daniel Lentz and Tom Zipprian. The two took their idea to Kickstarter in 2016 where they reached their pledge goal of $42,000 with 455 backers. The pair then took the innovative grooming tool to Shark Tank, where they received offers, but left empty handed. Despite turning down several deals from the Sharks, Aquapaw remains the #1 best selling animal bathing product.

The Aquapaw Equine Grooming Tool is the world’s first combination curry comb and water sprayer-in-one that allows you to rinse, bathe, and brush your horse simultaneously.  

You simply attach the Aquapaw hose to any standard garden hose, and you’re all set! When you open your box, there will be two attachments, to allow the Aquapaw to fit a wider variety of hoses. Simply pop in the attachment, and screw onto the hose!

I tested the attachments around most hoses at my farm, and it fits every one. Installation is easy – seriously, I didn’t even have to read the instructions to figure this one out. A++ for easy installation.

The Aquapaw tool itself is essentially a flexible, rubber curry comb. Much, much more comfortable to hold than a traditional curry comb though. It has the hose coming off the bottom, and is designed so that water doesn’t run down your wrist and up your arm. Major plus.

The adjustable strap on the top allows you to barely have to hold the product, therefore making use more comfortable. The strap is both comfortable and functional, staying put and keeping the tool strapped securely to your hand for the entire wash.

I used to bathe with a curry comb, and if you do this, you know how slippery they get when they’re wet. Bathing takes much longer, because you must stop often to readjust the curry or pick it up off the floor because it slipped out of your hand. For this reason, in the last few years I finally gave up on the curry comb and just started using my hands to wash my horse. It’s not the most effective, but it’s better than the slippery curry comb.

I could go on for days about the design of the Aquapaw, but I think hands down, my favorite part (other than the adjustable strap) are the little grippers for your fingers. Along with the help of the strap, the rubber grips keep both sides of your hand firmly in place, preventing any need for stops to readjust.

The quality of the curry itself is high, again – if you use curry combs, you know those little prongs tend to break off, especially if you’re using the tool for bathing. I don’t see that happening with the Aquapaw. When you use the tool, your horse is getting a 2 in 1 – a thorough bath, and a massage, all at the same time. The tool is gentle and soothing, yet an extremely effective tool for bathing. Much better than using my fingers!

Enough about the tool itself – let’s actually use it.

The Aquapaw has three settings. Off, low, and high. At the top of the tool is a silicon power button, located for convenient use.

To change settings, simply click the power button depending on which setting you’d like. One click for low, two clicks for high, and three clicks for off.

Shown above are the off, low, and high settings. When using the product, I use the high setting for everything except the shoulder up to the face. This is West’s more sensitive area, so the low setting works perfectly. It takes the anger and frustration ( from West ) and guilt ( from me ) out of the equation completely.

The tool works wonderfully well, and is an all in one for all aspects of bathing. Initial rinse/wetting of the coat, shampoo application and bathing, and final rinsing. You never have to take it out of your hand.

Rinsing is faster and more effective, and I’ve eliminated those moments where I get him back to his stall, only to have to bring him back to the wash rack for more rinsing because I didn’t get it all the first time. The “prongs” as I keep calling them, reach all the way down to the base of the hair coat, ensuring a full, even rinse.

West’s winter coat is coming in, so he has a bit more hair than usual right now, and the Aquapaw cleans all the way down to the skin. On horses with winter coats, that is hard to accomplish with standard bathing or grooming tools, or your fingers. You can apply the shampoo directly to the brush or directly to the horse, either way – the Aquapaw does a fantastic job of spreading and lathering it, all while gently massaging the horse.

I always like to speak on the durability of the product, and although I haven’t been using the Aquapaw long, I can tell it will last. The rubber, the design, and the fittings are all high quality and strong, as is the hose. I have no leaky spots coming from either end of the hose, and the product stays firm in my hand throughout the entire bath.

This is an incredibly innovative tool that has completely changed bath time for my horse and dogs ( Aquapaw Canine review coming soon. ) It reduces the time it takes to complete a bath, it greatly reduces the stress ( for all) of the situation, and it results in a more effective bath and cleaner animal.

Priced INCREDIBLY reasonable at only $34.95, there’s no reason NOT to have one in your barn. I will be purchasing several of these as Christmas gifts this year, as it’s something every equestrian can get great use out of. Oh, did I mention it has a lifetime guarantee?! Aquapaw stands 100% behind their products and will replace it for free, for life if you happen to have problems.

Click here to get your own! As always, if you purchase a product that I’ve reviewed or recommended, I’d love to hear from you! Tell me how you like it!

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