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Diamonds Are Forever – Diamagroove Review

No, seriously – stop buying sandpaper bits over and over for your Dremel. If you want to purchase a better bit, and one that will last – this post is for you.

The Diamagroove bit is all the rage among professional groomers, dog show exhibitors, and owners who are nutty about nails. I finally got my hands on one … and let me tell you …. GAME. CHANGER. Like a knife to butter. No joke.

Okay, okay .. if you have no idea what I’m talking about – this post is all about the Diamagroove Bit attachment for a Dremel – the tool that you use to file a dog’s nails. Sorry horse friends, this is a bit for dogs – not horses!

The Diamagroove is a bit designed specifically for filing dog nails. It is made from real diamonds, which produces a buttery smooth file. There is little to no heat or vibration from this bit, unlike others – which is what makes it perfect for my four month old puppy.

Ward is an easy pup when it comes to nails. He had his first nail trim at two weeks old … he’s basically a pro by now. However, the heat generated by the standard sandpaper bit is too much for him to bare. In the photo below, you can see how short and tidy I prefer to keep nails. The pinkish lower part of the nail is the quick. Although not exposed, the quick is close to the surface, and I’m sure the heat and vibration does not feel good. I noticed an immediate change in his behavior and body language when switching to the Diamagroove. He is calm and relaxed for trims, where before you could tell that the heat and vibration was obviously bothering him.

After a fresh, smooth trim! Don’t let his puppy nails scare you – he still has plenty of cusion between the quick and the outer layer of the nail!

To start from the beginning, the Diamagroove installation can’t get easier. I’m not really into tools, so excuse my ignorance. You remove the piece that would typically hold your bit. You won’t need it. The Diamagroove attaches DIRECTLY to your Dremel for easy application, and a tight, sturdy fit.

“Hey mom, does this Diamagroove make me look fancy?”

The tool is made out of real diamonds, which is why it has a bit of a price tag. However, I will say that the price is COMPLETELY worth it. I only have two dogs – if you have multiple dogs, big dogs, or you’re a groomer – this product is even more worth it. One bit, whichever model will run you $150.

I actually had the chance to meet the owner of Diamagroove in Hershey, Pennsylvania at Groom Expo this past month, and he assured me that I’d never have to buy another again. I also got the chance to talk to a few professional groomers about it. One told me that he does 40 dogs a week, and has used the same Diamagroove bit for two years now with absolutely no problem. No wear or tear to the bit. That’s 4,000 nail trims!

He said that if I care for my bit properly, it’ll last me a lifetime. For that reason, I ordered a cleaning kit along with the bit. This comes with a small spray bottle of cleaner, and a metal bristle brush that you use to remove all nail dust from the fixtures of the bit. I’ve been cleaning mine about once a week, or as needed!

While I can’t speak yet to the longevity of the product, I can speak on the function. I ordered the Boxer model, in medium grit. I file frequently – every two days. Because I do maintenance so often, and keep nails as short as possible, I don’t need much filing action or grit. The Diamagroove customer service recommended that I get their Boxer model, over the more popular Pinnacle model. They said that most dog show people prefer the Boxer because if gives a smooth, polished finish to the nail, and is easier to shape with.

Seriously – like I said before … GAME. CHANGER. I knew the first second this bit touched a nail that it was great. It files so, so smoothly. I also like it because it operates well on the lowest level. I do Ward’s nails on 5 ( the lowest setting ) because he’s a puppy, and because I need to take so little off each time. I find that the higher speeds can lead me to accidentally take too much off and end up quicking my dog. Something you never, ever want to do. The sandpaper bits don’t function well at the lowest setting, which was a pain for me because I had to be super, super, super, super, the superest careful. Being able to file effectively on the lowest setting has reduced stress, for all of us.

The smoother filing, reduced vibration, quietness, and no heat properties of the Diamagroove bit make it an outstanding product. Whether you’re a professional groomer, breeder, kennel owner, or just a pet owner with a sensitive dog, this is the bit for you!

It comes in three different styles, each with three different coarseness, so no matter what your situation, there’s a bit for you! Click here to purchase your own! I promise you wont regret it!

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