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Georgia Fall Classic – Atlanta Dog Show 2019

What a great and educational week in Atlanta!

Ward showed on Sunday morning, but we went for the whole four days to watch friends and give Ward plenty of settling time. He settled like a champ and did so great crated ringside all week.

I handled for the first time, so my only goals for the show were for me to not do anything dumb, Ward to have fun, and just to get him to stand still for the judge. I don’t think they appreciate his kisses as much as I do.

At 4.5 months old, he’s in one of those weird, lanky growth spurts right now, so I wasn’t expecting him to win. Just to stand still and have fun!

All my goals accomplished! Ward took second in the breed behind his Diadem relative, Slater. Either you win, or you learn – and we learned a LOT over the course of the four days! Onto the next!

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