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Giddy Yap! There’s A New Healthy Horse Treat On the Block!

If there are two things y’all should know by now, it’s that I always want the best and the healthiest things for my animals, and West is a pig. Yep, I said it – he’s a treat whore.

I go through a lot of treats. Between the “who’s a good boy?” treats, and the treats I use for stretching and training, I use a lot. Most of you know that good things don’t happen when we start adding stuff to our horse’s diet. Because of the large amount of treats I give, I’m uber picky about the brands I trust.

Giddy Yap Girls is a horse biscuit company founded in 1997, it’s as old as me! They make treats, as well as other things, but today I want to talk about their Premium Horse Treats.

The ingredients are simple. Just the way I like them. Apples, carrots, beet pulp, oats, superfoods (fruits and veggies for fiber) , vitamins, and minerals. It doesn’t get much better than that, of course – other than a single ingredient treat … but with horses, those are very hard to come by. I only know of one. No added sugar, no added, wheat, and no added gluten. No artificial color, flavors, or additives. These ingredients are allllll natural people!

Like I said earlier, we all know that adding things here and there to our horse’s diets can really do a number on their digestive system. Aside from the short and sweet ingredient list, Giddy Yap Girls has added live probiotics to these treats to prevent any digestive upset before it even happens. Win, WIN! Y’all know I’m a nut about gastric health in my animals, so these treats are at the top of my list right now.

I mentioned earlier that I use a lot of treats for stretching exercises as well as training, and these treats are ideal for that. The three little wings can actually easily snap off, turning the one treat into three smaller ones. More training, less calories!

West approved!

I don’t really have a picky horse, so I can’t speak much to the taste of these treats – West will eat anything. However, he does come running up to the fence for these, so they must be good. They have a pleasant, natural scent, with a crunchy texture. West really enjoys these, and so do the rest of the horses in the barn.

If you’re looking to make your treat routine healthier, click here to check out the Giddy Yap Girl treats for yourself! PS – these would make a great gift for your barn friends or staff!

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