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Shoo Fly Leggins’ First Impressions

I’ve never really been a hug fly boot gal. I used them on my mare years and years ago and never could get them to stay on, so I gave up. It wasn’t until recently that I purchased another pair. Many of you know that I’ve been battling scratches and photodermatitis with my gelding West this summer. A great friend of mine ( Jennifer Rubin <3 ) told me that they were also struggling, but had seen great improvement since buying the Shoo Fly Leggins.

So, in a last ditch effort, I bought a pair. I purchased from a retailer on Amazon, and they cost me about $57.

West enjoying a stomp free graze in his field.
The Shoo Fly Leggins doing what they do best!
Not even close to touching the leg.
Fleecy bottom closure.
Back of boot showing top, bottom, and middle closures.

I ordered orange (Go Tigers) and a size large. West is a 17.2 h Warmblood who wears a size three shoe for sizing reference.

BOY are they orange! We joke that we can see him from a mile away. Seriously – they’re like traffic cone orange! Be cautious ordering this color if your horse is in a field with others. West has his own large turnout, but his neighbors are still a bit freaked out. Other than that – no complaints about the color!

The boots are made out of a wonderful, durable mesh which seems much stronger than typical fly boot material. It has velcro closure at the top, bottom, and along the middle in the back. The bottom closure is wrapped with felt to avoid rubs and irritation.

One feature about the boots that I really love is that other than the closure at the bottom (which still isn’t tight at all) the boot barely touches the leg. It simply creates an airy barrier around it to keep flies and moisture out. This is huge for me because I’m sure y’all have seen all the horror photos of fly boots gone wrong … the ones where they caused nasty wounds and abscesses on the legs.

Back up to what I just said .. it also keeps moisture out! Now obviously these boots aren’t waterproof, hello they’re mesh. BUT – because the boots sit so far off the legs (specifically the back of the legs, where scratches and fungus are more likely) , it keeps the majority water that far away from the legs as well. When I say water, I mean morning dew or wet grass. If it’s raining out, your horses legs are still going to get wet. This large decrease of moisture to the legs has been helping West’s scratches heal.

So far I’m very pleased with this product! It’s affordably priced, easy to use, comfortable for my horse, AND has a warranty. It’s been one Week of 24/7 use and he hasn’t lost one yet. Stay tuned for updates!

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