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Summit Antlers – For the Toughest of Chewers

I’m currently going through what might be the worst part of owning a puppy. Teething. Ward is biting and chewing anything he can get his little shark teeth on.

Antlers are a great way to help a puppy teeth or keep an adult dog busy. While reading the reviews and fine print on antlers I found on Amazon, I noticed that a lot of companies have bleached or even fake antler chews … not something you want to give your dog – especially not a puppy.

Every year mature, male elk grow and shed a set of antlers. As the antlers begin to grow in the springtime they are soft, filled with vessels, and covered in a skin called velvet. As the animal’s hormones fluctuate with mating season, the antlers start to harden at the base where the antler meets the skull, cutting off the blood supply to the velvet and causing it to fall off.

During mating season, the fully hardened antlers are used to mark the animal’s territory and spar with other males; both of which help determine male dominance within the herd. After mating season ends, the antlers are shed naturally by the animal. If left in the wild, these antlers are chewed on by squirrels, chipmunks, birds, mink, beaver, and even wolves who all enjoy the nutritional benefits antlers have to offer.

Each Summit Antler Chews antler is a cut piece of 100% all natural shed antler from North American elk, deer, or moose. The chews are all natural and unprocessed. Better than raw or cooked bone, these chews are more durable and longer lasting to stand up to even the biggest chewers. Unlike  rawhide, these chews are not only 100% digestible, but they also provide nutrients unparalleled in any manufactured product. 

Every single Summit Antler is from an animal who naturally shed it itself. No animals are harvested for the purpose of obtaining antler. Summit Antlers also supports local and national organizations that aim to protect habitat and resources of deer, elk, and moose – the animals who’s antlers they collect and use. They extend their mission to use conscientious collecting practices to minimize environmental impact of obtaining sheds.

I’ve been LOVING these for Ward lately, they keep him busy, they’re great enrichment, they’re healthy, and they’re helping him teethe. If you have an adult dog, antlers are a great, natural way to keep your dog’s teeth clean and free from tartar and build up.

For the puppies, I like to get the split antlers, as the soft, tasty inside encourages chewing. Summit Antlers come in whole and split, and in several sizes, so you have a variety to choose from! Ward has the large, split antlers! You can also sign up for the Summit Antler subscription box, which is a fun and affordable way to keep your pup happy!

I really love that Summit Antlers are all sourced from the United States, they’re 100% natural, and that I’m supporting a small company! Three of my favorite things! Summit Antlers is dedicated to helping shelter dogs. They work closely with local organizations, donating time and inventory.

Overall, Summit Antlers is a great company, with great products. They’re a family owned business, they help the environment, and are completely transparent about where their products come from and how they are obtained. Also – I find that their prices are much more realistic than others on the market, a major plus! Antlers start at just $6!

Click here to view the Summit Antlers website, and spoil your pup!

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