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The Subscription Box Your Dog Will REALly Love!

I’ve tried a lot of dog subscription boxes out there. Barkbox, ( gross. ) Pupbox, ( pretty good, we like it ) Bully Make, ( good, but our dogs don’t chew that heavily ) and Pupjoy ( another pretty good one. )

I’ve recently started “raw” feeding my cat, and know that once Ward finishes his rehab, I will likely switch him to a raw or partial raw diet as well. Through all of my raw feeding research, I found a company called Real Dog Box.

Real Dog Box is a curated, monthly subscription box of air dried, raw, single ingredient treats and chews for your dog. They offer a treat only box, a chew only box, a treat and chew box, and a mini treat and chew box for smaller dogs.

I chose the Chew Box for Ward, and customized it to fit his needs. We try to stay away from chicken with him – and that was an option. It gives you several options to choose what or what not to include in your box. Perfect for dogs with sensitivities or allergies!

For $23 a month ( and free shipping!! ) Ward receives one package of heavy, medium, and light chews. Each package includes typically at least three of each item, so he gets about 10 new chews each month! Not only does that cost come down to significantly lower than what I’d pay at the store for chews, but it gives us a chance to try more exotic chews – things I can’t find at the store or online, unless I purchase raw and dry them myself.

That brings me to my next point. Real Dog Box sources all of their ingredients locally and organically. They take the untouched ingredients ( meaning fully raw – not processed ) and air dry them to create these yummy treats and chews for your dog. You’re still getting the benefits of raw ingredients, but in a much more convenient way to feed. If you feed kibble I highly recommend this box, which will help you add raw ingredients to your dog’s diet. Some raw is better than none at all!

Each box comes with a handwritten card, and a beautifully designed card telling you all about each of your new chews. What it is, where it came from, fun facts, and nutrition information. I loved this part of the box. The cards also show you what each ingredient looked like before it was dried, which is neat to see!

Everything is well put together, aesthetically designed, and high quality. The company is small, and very transparent. Customer service has been very helpful, and also educational. Overall, we are very happy with this subscription and will continue it. We look forward to what kind of goodies we will get each month!

Real Dog Box offers a great referral program, so if you’re interested in trying the box – be sure to click here to order. You’ll get free treats, and Ward will get free treats too! Win, win!

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