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Ward’s First Dog Show – Augusta Kennel Club, October 2019

At just four months and two days of age, High Caliber Classified Warden hit the show ring for the very first time!

He was such a star, especially considering the circumstances. Saturday’s show was at 8:30 am, and with an hour and a half drive to the venue, my poor puppy had no time to play or get any exercise. He was a bit playful in the ring – but he actually impressed me. He (for the most part) kept his cool and did what he was there to do.

We had the complete opposite problem at Sunday’s show, which was at 4:30 pm. Ward had been at the barn playing all day, so he was tired. It didn’t help that there was a judging change half way through the puppy classes, so we had to wait around even longer for that to take place. He was less playful on Sunday, but also didn’t put as much effort or enthusiasm into his stacking.

He brought home Best of Breed both days, and a Group 2 on Saturday and Group 4 on Sunday. I could not be any more proud of how he handled the whole weekend! He was a little pro out there.

Huge thank you to my handler, Linda Quinn for all the great work she’s done preparing Ward for today, as well as handling him in the ring.

“Oh, that ribbon is for me?”
The Chesapeake Bay Retriever behind him was apparently begging to play.
Part of the group line up … GSP, Chessie, Golden, GWP, Weim, Vizsla, and a Springer Spaniel!
More puppy playfulness.

Next up, Atlanta in two weeks for the Georgia Fall Classic!

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