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Ward’s First Time Speaking With An Animal Communicator

Animal Communication is a practice that I’ve utilized for years with my horses. We’ve been able to diagnose mystery lamenesses, correct behavioral problems, and get to the root of issues under saddle. I was so skeptical the first time I ever used an animal communicator, but the things that the communicator told me were undeniable. She brought up things that only the horse and I knew about. After my first session – I was a believer, and have continued to use animal communication frequently.

Before we go further – 99% of you are probably thinking WHAT is an animal communicator? Animal Communication is essentially telepathy. Communicators have the ability to tap into the body and mind of animals, and communicate with them in an extrasensory way. Animals can express feelings, thoughts, or images to a communicator. It’s a bit hard to explain, but trust me – it’s real. This can be done in person, or even over the phone – either by call or text, which is my preferred way of communication with my animals.

By now all of you should know what’s going on with Ward – and I’m not even going to lie, life for everyone has been miserable. I feel as if I’m doing every.single.thing. I can do to help him, and he’s still incredibly unhappy.

Running out of ideas, I called my communicator for help. I didn’t tell her anything was wrong with Ward, and gave no hints at any issues or problems. This was her first time ever speaking to Ward. We had a two and a half hour chat this morning, and here’s what he had to say ….

* I am abbreviating Animal Communicator with “AC.” *

AC : ” Ward says you’re very active and a very loving owner and he appreciates that. He says he loves how involved you are with him. That’s very important to him. He says he’s not always perfect but he’s learning and growing every day. Man oh man he loves and respects you! He loves to play outside with you and loves to run with you.”

AC : ” He says he’s not always good with strangers, especially men coming into the house and needs you to tell him if it’s okay. He looks to you to see if you’re okay with people. If you seem relaxed and comfortable around people, then he is too, but if you’re not then he definitely isn’t.”

Me : ” Is there anyone (other than me) that he would enjoy spending more time with? If so, doing what?”

AC : ” Who is the other person that walks him sometimes? Tall guy. Of course he loves you best and only wants you if you’re around, but if you can’t be there for whatever reason, there is someone else who can be fun. I don’t know if this is a brother or a boyfriend. There is also a lady. Your mom maybe? Someone with mothering energy who gives him treats. He likes her too but not for walking or playing with. He likes her for giving treats and food and for snuggles and pets.” * “tall guy” is Zach, and I believe the woman he is talking about is my mother. *

Me : ” Is he in pain anywhere?”

AC : ” There is pain in the back left leg that goes down to his foot. It is not severe.

Me : ” Is there anywhere that is more severe?” * seeing if he’ll say anything about his shoulder. *

AC : ” His left hip is more sore than his leg. ” * Ward just received PEMF therapy the day before, where the practitioner discovered significant soreness in his left hip and hamstring – likely from compensation and crate rest.

AC : ” Let me check the rest of him. “

AC : “He’s not a complainer. “

AC : ” The pain in his body seems to be a healing pain.”

Me : ” Anything in the shoulders?”

AC : ” Shoulders feel good.”

AC : “Did he get hit by a car? Or a truck?”

AC : “Hold on, I’m asking him.”

AC : ” I asked him and he showed me a blur of metal.” * The tractor bucket that he ran into *

Me : “He ran into a tractor and has a torn muscle, tendon, and ligament in his shoulder.”

AC: ” Oh wow! His shoulder feels great! I would have never known!”

AC: ” I don’t see any future issues with that!”

Me : ” How does he feel about being in his crate?

AC : ” He likes to have something to chew on. Like a stuffed toy. He knows he’s going to destroy it but he likes the noise the stuffed toy makes on his teeth when he chews it.”

Me : ” Is your crate comfy enough? Is there anything else I can do to make it more cozy?”

AC : ” He likes his crate as fluffy as possible. Soft and fluffy.”

Me : “Where in the house would he prefer his crate be? What room would he be most comfortable in?”

AC : “Well here’s the thing. If no one is home, he wants it to be in the room near the door so he can protect the house. Looks like maybe a living room?”

AC : ” But if you’re going to put him in the crate at night, which he totally doesn’t like. He’d rather be in your bed and have free roam at night. How can he protect you if he’s locked in his crate? But if you have to crate him at night when you’re home, then he wants the crate as close to you as possible.”

Me : ” Can you explain to him that he is severely hurt and that he must stay on crate rest for a long time so that he can get better and be able to run and play for the rest of his life? That’s why he can’t run and play any more. We aren’t punishing him or treating him badly we just need him to heal and the only way to do that is rest.”

AC : ” Yes of course I will. Give me a second.”

AC : ” Okay he understands. I’m not saying he likes it. But he understands. You have to remember he’s a little kid so it’s hard for him to be patient. He wants lots of toys and stuffed animals and chewy things to keep him from getting bored. He would like if you turned Animal Planet on the TV for him.”

Me : ” Is there anything I can do during the next few months to build upon our relationship and make it better? I feel as if it’s compromised due to the crate rest.”

AC : ” Make sure the time you spend together is quality time. He would like if you took him out of the crate to watch TV with you. He can lay with you if you’re doing a quiet activity. He would like if you set aside some time to brush and pet him. He would like if you read to him.”

Me : ” Does Ward enjoy training?”

AC : “Loves it.”

Me : ” Does he think I’m too hard on him?”

AC : ” No. He loves to work with you. Especially when you praise him for a job well done. It builds his confidence.”

Me : ” Does he enjoy being a show dog? What parts does he like and what parts does he not like?”

AC: “He doesn’t like when you’re nervous. The more you stay calm the better he enjoys it.”

AC : “He also doesn’t like the announcements. The loudspeaker echoes in his ears. But he does his best to block it out. the more he goes the better he gets over it.”

AC : ” He likes to compete. Especially when it makes you proud of him. Because he’s proud of himself and when you’re proud of him too he’s in heaven.”

Me : “Are there any activities or other competition that he finds fun and would like to explore more of?”

AC : ” He’s interested in water. He wants to know if there’s anything you can do with him and water.”

Me : “Does he like training for bird hunting?”

AC : ” Yes. That’s what he likes. That’s what he wants to do. And something about trails.” * we train Ward on birds at our farm, which has trails you must walk down to get to the bird field. I think this is what he means. *

Me : ” Ask him what I can do to improve our training and if there is anything I can do better.”

AC : ” You talk too fast sometimes. You expect him to be quick on commands. He isn’t there yet.”

Me : ” Does he want me to use more positive training with him, or does he need more stern of corrections?”

AC : “He will need corrections, but think of them as gentle reminders. He really likes positivity and fun training. He’s sensitive.”

Me : “How does he feel about travel?”

AC: ” By car? With you? It’s great fun.”

Me : “Yes. And being in new and unfamiliar places so frequently.”

AC : ” That depends on the place. But he always feels better when you’re there. He is the kind of dog that benefits from a lot of different places and meeting different people. That’s his personality. Keeping him socialized is very important.”

Me : “Does he have anything else he wants to tell me or ask of me?”

AC : ” yes.”

AC : “He says he loves you …”

AC : “He says he’s sorry he can be difficult at times.”

AC : “He says thank you for never giving up on him.”

AC : ” He says thank you for singing with him.” * He loves to roo, and loves when we roo along with him *

AC : (Sending exactly what Ward is saying to her) “I miss chasing the ball and running and playing with you. I’m sorry I was bad and got hurt. I’m sorry you got so upset when I got hurt. I didn’t mean to make you sad.”

AC : ” I’m sorry I bark too much sometimes and I’m sorry I make a mess sometimes. Can I have ice cream? How much longer do I have to be in the crate for? I’m glad to know I’m not in the crate because you’re angry with me. I thought you were mad at me. I know you said I’m in here to heal but I didn’t know if you really meant it. I believe you now. Thank you for not being mad at me.”

AC : ” Thank you for forgiving me.”

AC : ” Thank you for being my best friend.”

AC : ” I love you and I want to make you happy. Will you help me learn how to make you happy?”

AC : “I’ll try to be a better listener. I’ll try to be a better listener. Thank you for not giving up on me when I had my accident and ran into that scary thing. Thank you for not putting me down. I know someone said maybe you should put me down because “I’ll never be the same.” Thank you for giving me a chance.”

AC : ( Speaking to me as herself ) “All of a sudden he’s talking non-stop. But I think he’s said what he wanted to say by now. He got very sentimental all of a sudden. He truly loves you.”

AC : ” Do you have any last questions for Ward?”

Me : ” The biggest thing I really wanted to ask him was how I can improve his quality of life during this down time. He already has all the toys and puzzles and treats and chews a dog could ever want, he has everything – and he’s still so miserable. I want to know how I can help him.”

AC : “He just misses the activity. Now that he really knows that you’re not angry with him and you’re not punishing him hopefully he’ll start to feel better. That had a lot to do with it.”

So …. my takeaways ….

#1 : His shoulder doesn’t hurt. That’s HUGE. That makes me positive that everything we’ve been doing is helping tremendously with pain management and healing.

#2 : He thought I was punishing him for some reason by keeping him in his crate all the time. I think this explains the confusion and frustration I’ve been noticing on his part lately, and I think this has been a big part of our problem.

#3. He’s given me some great ideas of ways to bond with him while he’s on rest. We can go for drives, I can read to him, we can watch tv, I can groom him.

#4. He now understands why his life has so dramatically changed in the last month. I’m hoping that this understanding will help him relax and accept the rest and down time, and make it a bit easier on him.

#5. He really loves me, and he wants ice cream. No worries world – the first thing I did was drive all over to find the kid doggy ice cream, because I really love him too. <3


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