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What No One Tells You To Bring To The Horse Show

Of course, you have your typical horse show packing list. Saddle, bridle, girth, helmet, saddle pad, blah, blah, blah. Today, I’m talking about the things that no one tells you to bring, but can make a huge difference in the end result of your show day.

1 . A Great Friend

A lot of the times, us older gals show by ourselves. Thanks to Aiken, it’s so easy to pop our horses on the trailer, go show, and come right back home. We hardly ever have to stall or get hotels, or anything like that – which means we’re usually all by ourselves on show day. I find it not only helpful, (extra hands are always a blessing) but just flat out more fun to have a friend come along with you. They don’t have to be showing, and they don’t even have to ride horses to keep you company for the day. The whole day is 10x better when you have a great friend right there with you! Support and encouragement is never unappreciated! In the cover photo of this post is my great friend Summer, giving West a treat after a great ride. Summer doesn’t ride horses, but she’s always game to come along for the adventure! Find you a Summer!

3 . A Good Dog

For most people, their pets are a great form of comfort and stress relief, and I find that to be true especially when you’re nervous about showing at a new venue or riding a brand new test. Bringing your dog along can make a huge difference in your day! Dogs are great to have around as comic relief, stress relief, and just plain fun. Always make sure the venue you’re at allows dogs, and please … please – make sure your dog has manners. If not – it’s best to leave the little guy at home. Not only can an ill behaved dog make your day harder, but he can very easily affect others as well.

3 . Cold Drinks

While I don’t condone or encourage drinking and riding, a few brews are always on my packing list … unless I have that dreaded 8 am ride time. Why do they do that?! Seriously. We win – we drink. We lose – we drink. Okay, I promise we aren’t alcoholics around here, but there is no better way to kick back and wait for your scores than to crack a cold one with a great friend, and your good dog. *Do not consume alcohol if you are under the age of 21.*

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