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    Red Light Therapy … What, Why & How

    What : In 2003, NASA needed a cool light source for plant growth experiments on space missions. Red LEDs (light-emitting diodes) were found to be beneficial in promoting plant growth. NASA scientists and colleagues decided to further experiment on wound healing in laboratory rats and on humans. “Biologists have found that cells exposed to near-infrared light from LED grow 150 to 200 percent faster. The light arrays increase energy inside cells that speed up the healing process.” Red light therapy uses an infrared light to penetrate into the body’s tissues. Higher frequencies move deeper into the body, but generally the light penetrates the skin approximately two to ten millimeters deep.…

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    The Subscription Box Your Dog Will REALly Love!

    I’ve tried a lot of dog subscription boxes out there. Barkbox, ( gross. ) Pupbox, ( pretty good, we like it ) Bully Make, ( good, but our dogs don’t chew that heavily ) and Pupjoy ( another pretty good one. ) I’ve recently started “raw” feeding my cat, and know that once Ward finishes his rehab, I will likely switch him to a raw or partial raw diet as well. Through all of my raw feeding research, I found a company called Real Dog Box. Real Dog Box is a curated, monthly subscription box of air dried, raw, single ingredient treats and chews for your dog. They offer a…

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    Ward’s First Time Speaking With An Animal Communicator

    Animal Communication is a practice that I’ve utilized for years with my horses. We’ve been able to diagnose mystery lamenesses, correct behavioral problems, and get to the root of issues under saddle. I was so skeptical the first time I ever used an animal communicator, but the things that the communicator told me were undeniable. She brought up things that only the horse and I knew about. After my first session – I was a believer, and have continued to use animal communication frequently. Before we go further – 99% of you are probably thinking WHAT is an animal communicator? Animal Communication is essentially telepathy. Communicators have the ability to…

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    Therapeutic Ultrasound … What, Why, & How

    As a result of Ward’s recent injuries and diagnosis, ( you can learn more about that here ) his rehab specialist recommended that he be treated frequently with Therapeutic Ultrasound. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it on Ward’s Instagram, so I want to talk about what it is, what it does, and why we’re using it! What : A Therapeutic Ultrasound machine is similar, but different than the ultrasound that was used to diagnose Ward’s injuries, and the one used to show babies in a belly. It does the same thing, but comes without a screen, because we aren’t using it for diagnostic reasons, just therapeutic reasons.…

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    Mystery Tractor Lameness … Solved

    Boy oh freaking boy. If you follow me or Ward on Instagram, or are a friend on Facebook, you know how stressful the last few months have been. It all started with a tractor … On October 25th, I was loading the car with all of Ward’s stuff, getting ready to leave for his very first International Dog Show. I had Bentley and Berkley, my two Labradors outside playing with him, to help let off some puppy energy before our five hour drive. I turned around to check on them and make sure they were still close and all playing nicely, and right as I did, I heard a puppy…

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    Kong Recipe : Chicken & Punkins

    Ingredients … canned pumpkin chicken foot – click here to learn how to make your own! Open Farm Chicken Stew Boiled chicken Click here to find all my favorite “Kong type” toys! Just as it’s good to mix up your Kong recipes, its good to mix up the toys you stuff them in as well!

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    Show Groom : One Product – MANY Functions!

    I have recently added Mr. Groom’s Show Groom to my lineup of go to dog cosmetic products. Mr. Groom has been around since 1960, and has quite the reputation among dog groomers and show dog owners. Whether you’re a pet owner, you show dogs, or you hunt with your dogs – you can use this product! Coat Shine : Whether in the ring or just around the house, I like my dogs to be shiny. Of course, shine comes from the inside and is produced by a premium diet, but if I can add more – I want to. Most shine products on the market today either don’t give me…

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    Kong Recipe : Thanksgiving Feast

    Ingredients … *if you are using any leftovers from your actual Thanksgiving meal – make sure they are unseasoned, unspiced, and unsalted!* Mashed potato – plain – no gravy Turkey – unseasoned Green Beans – steamed or frozen Carrots – steamed or frozen Click here to find all my favorite “Kong type” toys! Just as it’s good to mix up your Kong recipes, its good to mix up the toys you stuff them in as well!

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    Keep Your Dog Safe & Comfortable with K9 Ballistics

    Just like every other new puppy owner, I’ve been going through the lovely stages of crate training with Ward for the last few months. One of the biggest reasons for crate training is safety, so today we’re talking about how to keep your dog safe and comfortable INSIDE of his crate! Beds are essential. You can’t expect a puppy to enjoy his crate and look forward to crate time when he’s not comfortable. However, beds can be extremely dangerous – especially for puppies. If you’ve ever had a puppy or been through crate training, you know that they’re destructive, especially when they’re unhappy (aka – crate training.) Beds are easy…

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    Ward’s Favorite CRATE SAFE Chews

    Leaving your dog with a treat or chew inside his crate is a great way to keep him occupied and exercise his brain while you’re away. It is important to be overly cautious when choosing which treats to leave your dog with when unattended, because most can be dangerous. Below is a list of Ward’s favorite tried and true treats and chews that are dog mom approved and crate safe! Bully Stick – you can never go wrong with a bully stick. Ward’s favorite is the curly style, but I mix it up between curly, straight, and braided. I purchase the Best Bully brand! Bully sticks are ONLY on my…