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    Breathe Better, Breathe Healthier – Intellipure

    I haven’t told many people, mostly because I’m not super excited about it – but I will be having a complete nasal reconstruction next year. A nose job, yes – but more importantly, the reconstruction will really be of what’s on the inside of my nose. I have a few major problems that have been seriously affecting my breathing for years now. I have a deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, nasal collapse, and my nostrils are entirely too small. Although all these problems cause a lot of other problems – the biggest side effect ( other than having an especially hard time breathing through my nose) has been headaches. Due to…

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    2019 Fall To – Do List

    It might be the first day of November, but it’s still fall – there’s still time to complete you fall bucket list! Fall is my favorite season, and each year I find that it doesn’t quite feel like fall if I don’t do anything “fallish.” I’ve put together my favorite fall activities, and where you can find them locally. Get out there and enjoy the season! 1 . Pick Apples My favorite place to pick fresh apples is Justus Orchard in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Justus is a family owned farm, with plenty of activities, and the best apples! You can pick your own apples, or choose from a great selection…

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    The Best October Treat and How To Make It Yourself

    You just finished carving your Halloween pumpkins and you’re left over will all the guts …. don’t throw them away! At least not the seeds! Pumpkin seeds are easy to prepare, they’re tasty, and they’re actually a super food! I won’t go into details, but trust me – they’re uber healthy. All you need to prepare your own is … raw pumpkin seeds salt Seriously, it’s that simple. Some people add butter or oil to their seeds, but I find that plain seeds and salt is enough for me! If you’re more into flavor – roam the internet, there are some wildly flavorful recipes out there! I always use two…

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    My First Two Weeks Using Huel

    A few weeks ago, I was sitting in a meeting with my company, discussing dog food and human nutrition. I made a comment along the lines of .. ” I wish it was as easy for humans to eat as it is for dogs. One scoop in the morning, one at night, done. All vitamins, nutrients, calories, and macros.” A co-worker chimed in and said ” it is. It’s called Huel.” He then proceeded to bring me a bag from his office. He brought me a big white bag with bold lettering “Huel” down the side. He eats this powdery substance five times per day, with fresh fruits and veggies…

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    Best of the OPI Scotland Collection

    The OPI Fall Collection is here, and this year’s theme is – Scotland. All the colors are rightfully named and worthy of a fall manicure, but I’ve picked my five favorites! All colors can be purchased directly from the OPI website, or at your favorite OPI retailer! Things I’ve Seen in Aber-Green You’ve Got that Glas-Glow Suzi Needs a Loch-Smith Good Girls Gone Plaid Red Heads Ahead

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    Grocery Shopping with The Fit Equestrian

    If you aren’t following @thefitequestrian on Instagram yet – do that, now. Not only is the account aesthetically pleasing, but it’s actually an awesome resource for equestrians of all ages, disciplines, and backgrounds who are interested in being a stronger and healthier athlete. TFE offers a wide range of at home workout programs specifically designed for equestrians, but we’ll get to those later. Today I’m taking you grocery shopping with me using The Fit Equestrian Grocery Guide! Don’t let my photos fool you, the Grocery Guide is a LOT more than just a printable list. It’s a 26 page downloadable guide to everything nutrition. Before you actually get to shopping,…

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    What’s inside my horse show cooler?

    I’ll give you a heads up … it’s mostly beer. Other things too though! I always find myself packing a cooler when it’s time to horse show. Most of my shows, even the recognized ones are day trips for me. S/o to Aiken. This means lots of sitting around at the trailer waiting for ride times, scores, and ribbons. I’ve found that the Yeti 20 is the best size for one day horse showing. It’s big enough to fit drinks and food for two people, but small enough to fit in the bed of the truck (even with the trailer hitched) and the horse trailer. Also, the handle. Can’t beat…

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    Creating a Riding Schedule

    Being an equestrian is tough. Being a horse owner is even tougher. As much as I wish I could treat my horse like any other sport, I cant. A football player’s football isn’t going to lose muscle or become less fit if he doesn’t throw it around for a week or so. A football player also doesn’t need to lay eyes on his football almost every day to make sure it’s in good health. As an adult rider with full time obligations, I have to remind myself of this often. With the love of the animal and the sport comes responsibility. My barn is 72 miles and over an hour…