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    Shoo Fly Leggins’ First Impressions

    I’ve never really been a hug fly boot gal. I used them on my mare years and years ago and never could get them to stay on, so I gave up. It wasn’t until recently that I purchased another pair. Many of you know that I’ve been battling scratches and photodermatitis with my gelding West this summer. A great friend of mine ( Jennifer Rubin <3 ) told me that they were also struggling, but had seen great improvement since buying the Shoo Fly Leggins. So, in a last ditch effort, I bought a pair. I purchased from a retailer on Amazon, and they cost me about $57. I ordered…

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    Healing Scratches with Absorbine

    First and foremost .. WHAT are “scratches?” Scratches, or “pastern dermatitis, dew poisoning, greasy heel, or mud fever” is caused by a variety of skin conditions including viral, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic infections. Scratches can be caused by many, many things, but the biggest culprit is a wet environment. ” Constant moisture can become an irritant as it penetrates delicate skin, causing inflammation, redness, and ulcerations. (Christine Ward, DVM)” Scratches typically occur on the hind legs, and most frequently on horses with white or pink fur and skin. Poor West gets them every. single. year. He has four white socks, and due to some belly issues and his own personal…

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    My Top 5 Hoof Products

    1 . Fiebing’s Hoof Lotion … you can’t go wrong with a company and product that’s been around since 1895. I remember using this exact product 15 years ago when I was a barn rat riding lesson ponies. Something that old has to be legit! Although it’s nothing new or trendy, I truly believe you can’t go wrong with Fiebing! The hoof lotion is a unique blend of special ingredients for use on split hooves, corns, quarter cracks and brittle feet. Hoof Lotion helps to maintain the pliability of your horse’s hooves. It can be used on a frequent basis to keep hooves strong yet flexible and healthy. You can…

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    Brooke Legacy Show Shirt

    Brb – heading to the show! Just kidding … this shirt makes me wish I was though! Seriously – a new favorite of mine! I’ve been wearing it around Aiken for the last few shows and not only do I love it – I get so many compliments! My favorite thing about this shirt is the details. Hands down. The shirt is white with gray and sparkly, yes you read that right, sparkly stitching. The sparkles on the neck and on the sleeve are subtle, yet glam enough to make an easy statement. I really just can’t get over the sparkle. The collar has loops for a stock tie, another…

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    My 2019 Sunshirt Picks

    By now y’all should know, I live in the South. South Carolina to be exact. Summer days are 90+ degrees and full humidity. Y’all think I’m crazy, but I ride in long sleeves all year long. Even on 100 degree days. Ever wondered why? Ride in a short sleeve or sleeveless shirt, and then ride in a long sleeve sun shirt the next. You’re dramatically cooler, and you avoid the sun burn. I swear by long sleeve sun shirts and unless something crazy happens, will probably ride in them until I’m dead. In this post I’m going to share with you a handful of my favorites, in no particular order!…

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    Custom Saddlery Icon Star

    If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve likely kept up with my “saddle saga.” I started noticing some back soreness in West in mid February. Not only soreness, but rubs from the back panels of his Voltaire Adelaide. I called a few different reps, but ultimately decided going with Custom. My hunter jumper friends have likely never heard of Custom Saddlery – but my dressage girls know what I’m talking about. Custom is one of the most popular dressage brands in the world. What drew me to the Custom was exactly that – all of their saddles are 100% custom. They’re also all wool, unless you choose a wool/foam…

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    The best summer riding glove!

    If you live anywhere similar to where I live, you know that the summer is a struggle 95+ degree days and at least 90% humidity at all times. Gross. I’m always looking for the most innovative way to stay cool when riding in the summer months. Introducing the Roeckl Laila Suntan glove! I’ve been drawn to this glove for the past few years not necessarily because of riding tans, but because my hands get so hot in gloves during the summer months. Shoutout to South Carolina, frfr. The Laila Suntan glove offers a thin, see through mesh top to keep hands cool and avoid those horrid glove tan lines. Hands…

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    StripHair Original

    If you have any kind of social media account, you’ve probably heard of Strip Hair by now. StripHair – or the “The Gentle Groomer” is taking the entire world by storm. It is an all in one grooming tool, focused on shedding and removing dead hair. The tool is made of soft, solid rubber and is flexible to hold and use in your hand. It is infused with orange and olive oils to increase durability, performance, and benefit. It can be used to remove loose hair during shedding season, to lather shampoo and remove excess water on bath day, remove dust and mud, and distribute natural oils for a beautiful…

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    Smartpak Ultimate Fly Sheet : First Looks

    The Smartpak fly sheet is here, and just in time! Aiken hit the 80’s this week, which means flies and gnats are back. After spending an a$$ of money last year on the Rambo fly sheet (yeah, the $250 one) and being utterly disappointed in the fit and quality – I decided to give old faithful a try. AKA Smartpak. Regardless of what anyone says ….. you just can’t beat the fit, quality, and warranty of Smartpak blankets. Smartpak revealed their brand new fly sheets at the beginning of the year, and I’ve been on the pre order list since. It finally arrived yesterday, and West got to take it…

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    THE Discount Codes!

    Looking for a discount to one of my favorite companies? Check back here frequently! Perri’s Leather : EMILY10 -10% off Incrediwear Equine: THEHEADEQUESTRIAN15 – 15% off Horse Guard: emilyhead – 15% off American Equus: HEADEQ10 – 10% off T Ecolicous Equestrian: put “The Head Equestrian” in the comment section of your order for a free Scrub a Dub Dub Butter Soap bar with purchase! A $14.95 value! Unbelts: HEADEQUESTRIAN – 10% off and free shipping for orders over $49 Box 4 Equestrians: emily10 – 10% off your Spring 2019 box