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    Gladiator Polo in Wellington, FL

    Zach and I had the pleasure of attending “Gladiator Polo” in Wellington during our trip in April. It’s no different than regular arena polo, except that horses wear gladiator masks. Enjoy a few low qual photos from the match!

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    2019 Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon Course

    I wouldn’t say that I had the pleasure of running the “Run the Bluegrass” this year – but I did it. To my surprise it wasn’t *quite* as bad as I was expecting it to be, but I fully credit that to the beautiful scenery I had to look at while I was running. (Okay walking.) The race starts and ends at Keeneland, and takes you through some of Kentucky’s most historic horse country. Here are a few photos from along the course!

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    Good Morning Keeneland, Good Morning Racehorses!

    Mom and I woke up eaaarly Friday morning and headed out to the track. We arrived at 7am, before the sun even came up – jockeys and horses were already out and workouts were in full swing. Some horses were lightly cantering, some just walking or trotting, and some were full out galloping. Some jockeys rode alone, some in pairs, and others in packs, similar to how they are on race day. We watched for probably an hour before heading to the Track Kitchen for breakfast. If you’re ever at Keeneland in the morning – you have to eat here! You eat along side the jockeys, owners, and grooms. After…

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    Tucker Tweed Tryon Travel

    Hi friends! In my last post I told you all about my trip to Tryon International Equestrian Center! Today I want to share about one of my favorite products that I brought along with me! Appropriately named, the Tryon Travel bag by Tucker Tweed! In upcoming months, there will be an entire Tryon Travel series, but for right now, the duffle is the only bag available. Jill, the Tucker Tweed owner has shared her ideas for upcoming pieces with me, and they are going to be so incredible! The single duffle is perfect for overnights or short, weekend trips. I fit three pairs of breeches, four long sleeve sunshirts, a…

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    Tryon Schooling Days

    Hi friends! What an incredibly busy, yet fantastic two days it has been! For those of you who haven’t kept up with my Instagram this weekend, West and I have been at Tryon International Equestrian Center! While we very much appreciate all the “Good Luck” comments and messages I got, we weren’t there to show! We spent the weekend schooling! It was such a blast, and being able to go to such a big venue and ride with no pressure was great for us both. Especially with the 2019 show season kicking into gear. But Tryon is a show venue! How’d you go there to not show? You’re right! Tryon…