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145th Kentucky Derby – Immediate Thoughts

I try not to cuss. At least not in front of strangers …. but WHAT THE F*&#?!

I like most, watched the race live on television, as well as all post race coverage. I don’t follow racing closely, but I know enough.

If you didn’t watch … here’s the long story short. Maximum Security is leading the race, when around the last turn he swings out a lane or two. He came dangerously close to seriously interfering with another horse ( War of Will ) before his jockey pulled him back into his lane. All is good, no horses affected, no one got hurt – the race goes on. Maximum Security finishes first by a longshot to win the 145th Kentucky Derby.

Until Country House’s jockey raised an objection for “interference” and “foul play.” Awful ironic, because Maximum Security came no where near Country House during his little run out. The only horse who could have actually been affected from this, War of Will made no objection or accusation of intentional behavior. To me, that says a lot.

I understand why rules like the interference rule and concerns about foul play are there. According to Maximum Security’s jockey, he spooked coming around the final turn. If you watch the video closely, you can see him jump to the outside and actually do a lead change, which I think forced him away from the railing even more so. They’re three year old horses in front of a crowd of 150,000+ thousand for the first time. Spooks happen. Luis Saez did the best he absolutely could and pulled him back over into his lane immediately. If he wanted to play dirty, I think he would have played dirty.

The best horse in the race finished first. The best jockey in the race finished first. The sore loser took home the roses. Congratulations Flavien Prat, now everyone in horse racing is going to expect a participation trophy. Maybe if I cry at my next horse show they’ll give me a blue ribbon? The fastest horse beat you, by at least two lengths. Maximum Security was out front the entire race, Country Horse never was, not even once. Don’t believe me? Saez had not one spec of dirt on him, Prat was covered. That right there says a lot.

We’ve now brought the “everyone deserves a ribbon” mentality to one of the oldest, most prestigious events in history. I suppose that’s America these days … There’s an old saying that reads .. “if they aren’t rubbing, they aren’t racing.” Let them race.

The call was bull sh$t. Maximum Security deserved those roses and will always be the winner to me. You best bet if they bring him back for the Preakness and Belmont, my money is on him. My heart absolutely breaks for Luiz Saez and all of Maximum Security’s team. What happened last night was disgusting and absolutely pitiful.

Country House on the other hand, I hope you’re enjoying your “victory.” Crying your way to a “win” and earning it fair and square are a heck of a lot different in my book. He would have been more respectable had he kept his second place finish. The horse is talented, don’t get me wrong. Unfortunately thanks to his staff, his reputation is forever tainted. The jockey, owners, and trainer will go down as the biggest jokes to ever live in the history of horse racing. Way to go Kentucky Derby, you’ve ruined one of the most special traditions in American history.

Cover photo : Lauren Nethery

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