Grocery Shopping with The Fit Equestrian

If you aren’t following @thefitequestrian on Instagram yet – do that, now. Not only is the account aesthetically pleasing, but it’s actually an awesome resource for equestrians of all ages, disciplines, and backgrounds who are interested in being a stronger and healthier athlete.

TFE offers a wide range of at home workout programs specifically designed for equestrians, but we’ll get to those later. Today I’m taking you grocery shopping with me using The Fit Equestrian Grocery Guide!

Don’t let my photos fool you, the Grocery Guide is a LOT more than just a printable list. It’s a 26 page downloadable guide to everything nutrition.

Before you actually get to shopping, TFE tells you everything you need to know beforehand. Pantry staples, emergency meals, meal plan samples (for each dietary restriction!!) recipes, and tips to help you meal plan and shop effectively.

The Grocery Guide comes with three awesome recipes – Overnight Oats, Harvest Salad, and Sheet Pan Chicken + Veggies, as well as a sample meal plan with a handful of great, healthy meals!

It tells you how to consolidate your grocery list and create a grocery store “game plan.” It’s true .. never grocery shop on an empty stomach!

When I’m in my health groove, my shopping list is generally the exact same each week. I don’t sway much from my specially curated meal plan, I find that uniformity helps keep me on track. Since nothing really changes, I laminated my Grocery Guide shopping list. It’s more durable and if I do need to add or remove something, I can just do it with a dry erase marker!

Today, I’m meal prepping my whole upcoming week. Breakfast, lunch, and dinners – so I’m shopping for …

  • kale
  • lemons
  • boccoli
  • bananas
  • strawberries
  • spinach
  • garlic cloves
  • chicken tenderloin
  • almonds
  • brown eggs
  • brown rice
  • whole wheat bread
  • rice cake
  • corn
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower pizza
  • chicken broth
  • and a whole bunch of extras!

Stay tuned for a later post where I show you what exactly I make with all those ingredients! The Grocery Guide printable list helps keep everything organized when you go into the store, therefore preventing unnecessary (and unhealthy) buying.

Whether you’re kickstarting a healthy lifestyle, looking for meal inspo, or just needing help in the nutrition department – The Fit Equestrian Grocery Guide is for you!

You’re pumped about it, right?! GOOD news – you don’t have to wait for this to come in the mail! It is electronically delivered to your email after purchase!

Click here to get yours! Pro Tip – this frequently goes on sale around holidays! Keep an eye on @thefitequestrian Instagram for updates!

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