What’s inside my horse show cooler?

I’ll give you a heads up … it’s mostly beer. Other things too though!

I always find myself packing a cooler when it’s time to horse show. Most of my shows, even the recognized ones are day trips for me. S/o to Aiken. This means lots of sitting around at the trailer waiting for ride times, scores, and ribbons.

I’ve found that the Yeti 20 is the best size for one day horse showing. It’s big enough to fit drinks and food for two people, but small enough to fit in the bed of the truck (even with the trailer hitched) and the horse trailer. Also, the handle. Can’t beat that. If I’m gone all weekend, I opt for my bigger Yeti.

First, and most importantly – there’s always (at least) a six pack of Michelob Ultra in my horse show cooler. For after my rides, of course. Don’t drink and ride kids! A great ride and a crappy ride both have me reaching for a cold one before I even get off. Sometimes I have to hang around waiting on scores for 2+ hours before I can even go home, so it’s the perfect time to sit back and have a brew (or two.)

Waters! Never forget your waters! I also throw a Gatorade or two in there as well. You can never be too hydrated.

In case of dehydration, I’ve been loving Liquid IV. It’s a powder that you simply pour into a cup or bottle of water and drink. One packet is equal to three bottles of water. It’s not a total dehydration fix – but it’s a massive help! Sometimes on hot show days, I drink one anyways just to be safe!

Snacks! Even though most of my shows are in town, they’re usually all day affairs. I’m notorious for forgetting to eat on show days, so I’ve been trying to do better about packing food. A turkey sandwich and a pack of strawberries along with a few other snacks usually does the trick. Always pack more snacks than you think you’ll need!

Last but certainly not least, a fresh treat for West. Usually an apple or carrot for after his tests. He deserves a treat just as much as I deserve a cold beer afterwards!

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