What’s it like to be a Media Director?

A question I get ALL the time….. “What is your job?” To answer, I work for Horse Guard! Horse Guard is a premium equine supplement company out of Oregon.

What do I do? Fabulous question… my official title is Media Director, but there are a lot of different hats that come with that! My biggest responsibility however, is managing our media platforms. Mainly Instagram and Facebook. This means I gather and create content, then use softwares to edit and schedule social posts, and finally push them through when it’s time to go live. The company is wildly growing, so luckily for me – most of my content is now coming from our customers. [ plz keep tagging us in your photos 😉 ] Even though customer photos are awesome, I love to make sure that we have high quality product photos as well. I’m not a fan of all of our photos looking similar, so I travel around to horse shows, barns, and other equestrian venues to take a wide range of product images myself.

As I said earlier, “Media Director” is a lot of little jobs combined into one. Anything relating to our media accounts = me. When someone DM’s Horse Guard, it’s me who answers. When we’re involved in a giveaway, it’s me who organizes the process. When people comment on posts, it’s me who replies. You get the idea. I also head up the ambassador and sponsored rider programs. This means that I design our programs, select individuals, create sponsorship tiers, make sure people receive product on time, and help our riders with the day to day things that they need. A plus of this job is that if any of our riders are showing/riding near me, I get to go hang out with them, photograph their rides, and do photo and video shoots when they’re done! That in itself could be a full time job for someone.

I do a handful of other things for the company as well, but they don’t necessarily fall under my title of Media Director, so we can talk about those later. SO … on to the next most frequently asked question.

How did you get your job and what should I do if I think I want to do the same thing as you?

About a year and a half ago, Horse Guard reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in hosting a giveaway with them. I loved HG products, so I of course said yes. This soon turned into an “internship,” my boss liked my personal page and wanted me to try my hand at running just the Horse Guard Instagram. This quickly turned into a “paid” part time job of running both the Instagram and Facebook. By paid, I mean I got my supplements for free in return for my work. Fast forward to about six months later, I quit my day job and started working full time for Horse Guard. I am now an actual paid employee, working about 100-120 hours a month with the company.

The best advice I can give for someone looking for a similar position is to create good relationships with businesses. Someone is likely going to be more prone to hiring you if they either know you personally, or you’ve been a loyal customer or supporter of theirs. If you want media to be your job …. focus on your own media first. Horse Guard hired me because my own Instagram was booming and they wanted that for their company as well. Produce high quality, authentic, relatable content, and lots of it.

If you feel like you are equipped and ready to be a successful media manager, there is no harm in reaching out to companies! It’s a bit old fashioned, but I’ve found that most equestrian brands do not have someone specifically assigned to this job. It’s hurting them and they might not even know it. A quick EMAIL ( please, do NOT DM companies about anything serious. It’s unprofessional. ) is a great idea! Introduce yourself, ask about the position, and show that you’re open to helping the company grow in the media department. Short, simple, and sweet. Remember that there ain’t no shame in starting from the bottom like I did! Start small, work hard, and show the company that you’re a valuable asset to their brand!

Depending on the company, the title of Media Director can be a very big and stressful job! Be prepared for hours and hours a day on your phone and laptop. PS – blue light glasses are a great investment! 😉 Although sometimes quite stressful, this job position is so much fun and offers me so much freedom. I can work from my bed, the kitchen table, the barn, a hotel, literally wherever I have cell service, I can work. I can work at 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning. As long as I get what I’m supposed to get done, it doesn’t matter when or where. For me and my lifestyle – that’s incredible.

Hopefully this clears up most of the questions that I get asked so frequently! If you still have questions, or want to learn even more, you can email or DM me and I’d love to chat! Happy job hunting!

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