Meet Me

Hey friends! My name is Emily Head, which is where I get my name – The Head Equestrian. I am a 21 year old adult amateur, based in Aiken South Carolina with my 12 year old Dutch Warmblood van Westervelde, who is known more commonly as “West” or “Westy.” Up until this past summer (2018) I have been a show jumper, who enjoyed dabbling in dressage here and there. Unfortunately West was diagnosed with EPM late summer and has now been retired from upper level showjumping. We are learning the sport of dressage together and having an absolute blast. Follow along on my Instagram (@theheadequestrian) as well as here on the blog for our shenanigans.

I’m so happy that you’re all here – I can’t wait to share an inside look at my life, West’s life, our training, product reviews, training tips, show recaps, tutorial videos, and so much more with you!

As of late, I have decided to share West’s blog with his much smaller brother and sister, Ward and Wells. Equestrian content will remain as usual – just with a mix of dog thrown in! Product review, tips, training, and dog show and hunt test updates. 🙂