Meet Me

Hey friends! My name is Emily Head, which is where I get my name – The Head Equestrian. I am a 22 year old professional dressage rider, based in Aiken South Carolina with my 13 year old Dutch Warmblood van Westervelde, who is known more commonly as “West” or “Westy.” Up until two summers ago, I have been a show jumper who enjoyed dabbling in dressage here and there. Unfortunately West was diagnosed with EPM late summer 2018 and has now been retired from upper level showjumping. We are learning the sport of dressage together and having an absolute blast. Follow along on my Instagram (@theheadequestrian) as well as here on the blog for our shenanigans.

I’m also the very proud owner of two German Shorthaired Pointers, Ward & Wells. Ward is a five month old male, and Wells is a two year old female – both of which compete in a variety of venues – but mostly conformation showing and hunt testing. You can follow along with the dogs at @highcalclassifiedwarden on Instagram!

We live in the United States, and are lucky to call Aiken, South Carolina home. Aiken is a small, historic town nestled away near the Georgia border. Aiken is what most refer to as “Horse Country of The South,” as it is home to equestrians from all over the world – and is most well known for being the winter hub for our Olympic Eventers. Aiken has rich equestrian heritage, and no matter what your discipline or background, it has something for you and your horse. Fox hunting, dressage, thoroughbred racing, eventing, carriage driving, as well as show jumping are all popular within our community, and Aiken has been producing world class equestrian athletes for decades – both human and equine. We’re lucky to live somewhere that most can only dream of, and have endless opportunities for showing and training with the world’s best riders right in our backyard.