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    Self Loading : Part 1- Teaching “In”

    * I am not a professional horse trainer, but I did teach this myself and want to share in hopes of helping others struggling with the same issues! * Is trailering a nightmare? Does it take you more than two minutes to get your horse on the trailer? Do you have to use drugs and force? If so, this post is for you! Believe me, I’ve been there. No amount of sedative, chains, whips, ropes around the bum, nothing could get West into a trailer. Even more, once he was inside, he was a monster. With the methods I’m about to share with you, I can now point at my…

  • Emily's Opinions

    145th Kentucky Derby – Immediate Thoughts

    I try not to cuss. At least not in front of strangers …. but WHAT THE F*&#?! I like most, watched the race live on television, as well as all post race coverage. I don’t follow racing closely, but I know enough. If you didn’t watch … here’s the long story short. Maximum Security is leading the race, when around the last turn he swings out a lane or two. He came dangerously close to seriously interfering with another horse ( War of Will ) before his jockey pulled him back into his lane. All is good, no horses affected, no one got hurt – the race goes on. Maximum…

  • What's Up with West?

    DIY Horse Cake

    I don’t have much talent in the kitchen, but once a year I put on my apron and get to work. Naturally, that’s for West’s birthday. Because I’m a health nazi when it comes to my animals, this is typically the only day of the year that West gets anything over the top. Of course I have to go all out for that. There are several companies who sell horse cakes, but 1. they’re outrageously priced, and 2. what fun is that?! Ingredients for my DIY cake cost right at $10, and only about an hour – hour and a half to make. Plus, it’s fun getting messy every now…

  • What's Up with West?

    Off with the mane!

    It’s true, the mane is gone. All of it. 🙁 I’ve been playing with the idea of roaching for a while now, but it’s really been on my mind the last few months. Most of you know, (because you’ve seen me bitching all over Instagram about it) but West’s blankets rubbed out a nice big chunk of his mane over the winter. It happened in late December, and it’s now May and we still have no new growth. The blanket situation was addressed, but the hair still wasn’t growing back in. You know how when you shaved your legs for the first time, the hair grew back thicker? That’s what…

  • What's Up with West?

    Roach Progression

    I roached West’s mane on May 1, 2019. I will be taking photos and measuring every Wednesday until it grows completely out (if I let it) and they will be posted here! Make sure to check back weekly for growth updates! May 1, 2019 May 8, 2019 – 1 week May 15, 2019 – 2 weeks

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    How to prepare for an equine portrait session

    Pick a photographer. This is the fun part! There are hundreds, if not thousands of talented equine photographers across the United States, and most of them travel. Pick a time and a place. Different shots and backgrounds require different locations. Black backgrounds are usually done in a barn aisle, while white and other color backgrounds are done against a solid surface. Your photographer should let you know ahead of time what they need so that you can make sure you have an appropriate space ready. If your farm can not accommodate an adequate setting, you might have to travel! Decide what type of photos you’re looking for. Are you looking…

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    Custom Saddlery Icon Star

    If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve likely kept up with my “saddle saga.” I started noticing some back soreness in West in mid February. Not only soreness, but rubs from the back panels of his Voltaire Adelaide. I called a few different reps, but ultimately decided going with Custom. My hunter jumper friends have likely never heard of Custom Saddlery – but my dressage girls know what I’m talking about. Custom is one of the most popular dressage brands in the world. What drew me to the Custom was exactly that – all of their saddles are 100% custom. They’re also all wool, unless you choose a wool/foam…

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    The best summer riding glove!

    If you live anywhere similar to where I live, you know that the summer is a struggle 95+ degree days and at least 90% humidity at all times. Gross. I’m always looking for the most innovative way to stay cool when riding in the summer months. Introducing the Roeckl Laila Suntan glove! I’ve been drawn to this glove for the past few years not necessarily because of riding tans, but because my hands get so hot in gloves during the summer months. Shoutout to South Carolina, frfr. The Laila Suntan glove offers a thin, see through mesh top to keep hands cool and avoid those horrid glove tan lines. Hands…