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    My 2019 Netflix Favs

    The Office. That’s it. Okay, okay – just kidding. Kind of. The Office is always on repeat in my house, but this year I did branch out and try a few different shows, new and old. In no specific order (except the first one) 😉 here are my Netflix favorites of 2019! The Office Schitts Creek Hart of Dixie Riverdale Friends Grace and Frankie The Good Place Revenge Hawaii Five-O

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    Mystery Tractor Lameness … Solved

    Boy oh freaking boy. If you follow me or Ward on Instagram, or are a friend on Facebook, you know how stressful the last few months have been. It all started with a tractor … On October 25th, I was loading the car with all of Ward’s stuff, getting ready to leave for his very first International Dog Show. I had Bentley and Berkley, my two Labradors outside playing with him, to help let off some puppy energy before our five hour drive. I turned around to check on them and make sure they were still close and all playing nicely, and right as I did, I heard a puppy…

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    Kong Recipe : Blueberry Oatmeal

    Ingredients … cooked, plain oatmeal blueberries flax seed plain, Greek yoghurt Click here to find all my favorite “Kong type” toys! Just as it’s good to mix up your Kong recipes, its good to mix up the toys you stuff them in as well!

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    Sweet Itch From Hell – What Worked

    Early – mid summer, I noticed West started rubbing his tail. Usually when this happens, it just means he needs to be wormed. Usually a de-wormer + a good, conditioning wash does the trick. Not this time. We even did the power pack de-wormer. Shortly after the tail, the mane started itching. Which never happens by the way. He rubbed out the entire bottom portion of his mane, and then was born the roach. RIP. Then the forelock, ears, and face started itching and losing hair. Then the back. Then the chest and the stomach. Then his manly area. It was getting worse and worse by the day. He looked…

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    Kong Recipe : Chicken & Punkins

    Ingredients … canned pumpkin chicken foot – click here to learn how to make your own! Open Farm Chicken Stew Boiled chicken Click here to find all my favorite “Kong type” toys! Just as it’s good to mix up your Kong recipes, its good to mix up the toys you stuff them in as well!

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    Show Groom : One Product – MANY Functions!

    I have recently added Mr. Groom’s Show Groom to my lineup of go to dog cosmetic products. Mr. Groom has been around since 1960, and has quite the reputation among dog groomers and show dog owners. Whether you’re a pet owner, you show dogs, or you hunt with your dogs – you can use this product! Coat Shine : Whether in the ring or just around the house, I like my dogs to be shiny. Of course, shine comes from the inside and is produced by a premium diet, but if I can add more – I want to. Most shine products on the market today either don’t give me…

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    Kong Recipe : Thanksgiving Feast

    Ingredients … *if you are using any leftovers from your actual Thanksgiving meal – make sure they are unseasoned, unspiced, and unsalted!* Mashed potato – plain – no gravy Turkey – unseasoned Green Beans – steamed or frozen Carrots – steamed or frozen Click here to find all my favorite “Kong type” toys! Just as it’s good to mix up your Kong recipes, its good to mix up the toys you stuff them in as well!

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    Things To Be Thankful For In 2019

    It’s been a busy year, and a year of a lot of change! However, though busy – I have a lot to be thankful about this year! Travel : Between horses, dogs, work, and leisurely travel, I checked Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, Florida off my list this year, and several of those states more than once. Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, Kentucky Horse Park, and Tryon International Equestrian Center all got checked off the list this year! Friends : I had a blast with friends this year, but my favorite memory was standing beside my best friend Helen as she married Jason…

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    Keep Your Dog Safe & Comfortable with K9 Ballistics

    Just like every other new puppy owner, I’ve been going through the lovely stages of crate training with Ward for the last few months. One of the biggest reasons for crate training is safety, so today we’re talking about how to keep your dog safe and comfortable INSIDE of his crate! Beds are essential. You can’t expect a puppy to enjoy his crate and look forward to crate time when he’s not comfortable. However, beds can be extremely dangerous – especially for puppies. If you’ve ever had a puppy or been through crate training, you know that they’re destructive, especially when they’re unhappy (aka – crate training.) Beds are easy…

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    Things That I Do Daily To Prevent Equine Gastric Ulcers

    Stomach ulcers in horses are huge. I don’t know the exact statistics, but I believe it’s estimated that 90% of performance horses have some degree of gastric ulcers. Not only are they extremely, EXTREMELY painful for your horse, they’ll put a hurting on your wallet. Several years ago, West was scoped and diagnosed with “mild” ulcers, and I spent almost $4,000 to treat them. MILD ulcers …. they were not even very bad. So, take my word of advice, and prevent those suckers before you have to go through that like I did. Although gastric ulcers are not 100% preventable, they’re close. There are many things you can be doing…