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    Trim Your Dog’s Nails Like A Pro

    A day in the life of my Instagram messages …. “How do you keep Ward’s nails so short?” “Doesn’t it make him bleed if you cut them that short?” “My dog is terrible to get her nails done, how is Ward so calm?!” To answer … I trim Ward’s nails every other day, sometimes once per day when they’re growing faster than usual. ( I supplement my dogs with biotin, so they grow crazy fast. ) No, thanks to my educated trimming, his quicks have receded back, which is why I am able to get so short of a nail. No bleeding here. Ward went through weeks of conditioning as…

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    Tryon International Equestrian Center One Bedroom Onsite Cabin

    Several months ago I had the pleasure of taking my first overnight trip to Tryon International Equestrian Center. I’ve been to the facility several times since it opened a few years ago, but they’ve all been day trips. We just went to school not show – but TIEC is a three hour trip from Aiken, so I figured for West’s sake – it would be best to stay overnight instead of trying to do it all in one day. Zach and I booked a one bedroom cabin, right on the Tryon International property. I had never actually seen where these cabins are in relation to the show venue before, and…

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    It’s More Than Just A Ribbon

    I’ll never forget the words I once heard from the farm owner of a show venue. “Well Emily, if a ribbon means ‘that’ much to you , I’ll give you a ribbon.” Back story .. I signed West and myself up for a dressage show on my birthday last winter. We went, and we won. I waited and sat around forever for my ribbon. When I finally approached the farm owner, she told me that since the class didn’t fill all the way, she wasn’t giving ribbons. As you can imagine, I pitched my best fit. Aside from the fact that I paid good money, I trailered my horse there,…

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    Kong Recipe : Peanut Butter Smoothie

    Ingredients … Peanut butter – no sugar or xylitol Goat Milk – I used Primal Plain greed yoghurt bananas Flax seed Click here to find all my favorite “Kong type” toys! Just as it’s good to mix up your Kong recipes, its good to mix up the toys you stuff them in as well!

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    Crate Training for Dummies

    Crate training your new puppy (and adult dog) is essential. It’s simple, and the tools you need are minimal. Crate training not only protects your home and the health and safety of your dog, but it sets him up to excel in later aspects of his life. Below are a few other benefits of crate training your new puppy… quickest, easiest way to potty train gives your dog a safe place of his own reduces/prevents separation anxiety makes travel, vet, boarding, and groomer trips easier prevents destruction inside your home and most importantly .. crate training keeps your new puppy SAFE 1 . Train your dog to enjoy his crate.…

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    DIY Molasses & Peppermint Horse Treats

    Y’all know I love a good DIY – and these horse treats are about as easy as they come. Minimal ingredients, quick cooking time, and the horses go NUTS for them. You can make these with or without the peppermint. I always do a mix of both when I make these! Ingredients : two cups molasses five cups uncooked oatmeal three cups flour one cup water two tbs coconut oil classic peppermints ( bulk pack I buy ) mini muffin pan or silicon molds If you purchase the molds above and use the mini muffin mold, this recipe will make 48 treats! That is the exact mold I use in…

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    Breathe Better, Breathe Healthier – Intellipure

    I haven’t told many people, mostly because I’m not super excited about it – but I will be having a complete nasal reconstruction next year. A nose job, yes – but more importantly, the reconstruction will really be of what’s on the inside of my nose. I have a few major problems that have been seriously affecting my breathing for years now. I have a deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, nasal collapse, and my nostrils are entirely too small. Although all these problems cause a lot of other problems – the biggest side effect ( other than having an especially hard time breathing through my nose) has been headaches. Due to…

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    Diamonds Are Forever – Diamagroove Review

    No, seriously – stop buying sandpaper bits over and over for your Dremel. If you want to purchase a better bit, and one that will last – this post is for you. The Diamagroove bit is all the rage among professional groomers, dog show exhibitors, and owners who are nutty about nails. I finally got my hands on one … and let me tell you …. GAME. CHANGER. Like a knife to butter. No joke. Okay, okay .. if you have no idea what I’m talking about – this post is all about the Diamagroove Bit attachment for a Dremel – the tool that you use to file a dog’s…

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    What No One Tells You To Bring To The Horse Show

    Of course, you have your typical horse show packing list. Saddle, bridle, girth, helmet, saddle pad, blah, blah, blah. Today, I’m talking about the things that no one tells you to bring, but can make a huge difference in the end result of your show day. 1 . A Great Friend A lot of the times, us older gals show by ourselves. Thanks to Aiken, it’s so easy to pop our horses on the trailer, go show, and come right back home. We hardly ever have to stall or get hotels, or anything like that – which means we’re usually all by ourselves on show day. I find it not…

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    2019 Fall To – Do List

    It might be the first day of November, but it’s still fall – there’s still time to complete you fall bucket list! Fall is my favorite season, and each year I find that it doesn’t quite feel like fall if I don’t do anything “fallish.” I’ve put together my favorite fall activities, and where you can find them locally. Get out there and enjoy the season! 1 . Pick Apples My favorite place to pick fresh apples is Justus Orchard in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Justus is a family owned farm, with plenty of activities, and the best apples! You can pick your own apples, or choose from a great selection…