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    R+ .. just a fad?

    If you’re big into the horse or dog world (or both, like me) I’m sure you’ve heard of something called “R+” or “positive reinforcement” by now. Why isn’t it called +R? Weird. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I have an opinion on this – a strong one. Let me start off by explaining to you what R+ is. Long story short, positive reinforcement means just that. Positive only. No punishment, only redirection. R+ trainers “ignore bad behavior, reward good behavior.” These trainers do not believe in any kind of negativity. No yelling, no harsh tone, no pops to the nose or rump, no form…

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    StripHair Original

    If you have any kind of social media account, you’ve probably heard of Strip Hair by now. StripHair – or the “The Gentle Groomer” is taking the entire world by storm. It is an all in one grooming tool, focused on shedding and removing dead hair. The tool is made of soft, solid rubber and is flexible to hold and use in your hand. It is infused with orange and olive oils to increase durability, performance, and benefit. It can be used to remove loose hair during shedding season, to lather shampoo and remove excess water on bath day, remove dust and mud, and distribute natural oils for a beautiful…

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    Smartpak Ultimate Fly Sheet : First Looks

    The Smartpak fly sheet is here, and just in time! Aiken hit the 80’s this week, which means flies and gnats are back. After spending an a$$ of money last year on the Rambo fly sheet (yeah, the $250 one) and being utterly disappointed in the fit and quality – I decided to give old faithful a try. AKA Smartpak. Regardless of what anyone says ….. you just can’t beat the fit, quality, and warranty of Smartpak blankets. Smartpak revealed their brand new fly sheets at the beginning of the year, and I’ve been on the pre order list since. It finally arrived yesterday, and West got to take it…

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    Gladiator Polo in Wellington, FL

    Zach and I had the pleasure of attending “Gladiator Polo” in Wellington during our trip in April. It’s no different than regular arena polo, except that horses wear gladiator masks. Enjoy a few low qual photos from the match!

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    2019 Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon Course

    I wouldn’t say that I had the pleasure of running the “Run the Bluegrass” this year – but I did it. To my surprise it wasn’t *quite* as bad as I was expecting it to be, but I fully credit that to the beautiful scenery I had to look at while I was running. (Okay walking.) The race starts and ends at Keeneland, and takes you through some of Kentucky’s most historic horse country. Here are a few photos from along the course!

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    Good Morning Keeneland, Good Morning Racehorses!

    Mom and I woke up eaaarly Friday morning and headed out to the track. We arrived at 7am, before the sun even came up – jockeys and horses were already out and workouts were in full swing. Some horses were lightly cantering, some just walking or trotting, and some were full out galloping. Some jockeys rode alone, some in pairs, and others in packs, similar to how they are on race day. We watched for probably an hour before heading to the Track Kitchen for breakfast. If you’re ever at Keeneland in the morning – you have to eat here! You eat along side the jockeys, owners, and grooms. After…

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    Whisker clipping … is it really a big deal?

    I’ve seen a lot of chatter lately about whiskers. To cut or not to cut …. that is the question. Before I dive in to my personal opinion .. it’s best that I give you a look at what your horse’s whiskers actually are and what they do. Whiskers are a specialized type of hair found around the muzzle of most mammals. Dogs, cats, horses, cows, rabbits, the list goes on. Whiskers are longer and thicker than body hairs. Their significance? They send important messages to the brain about the animal’s surroundings. Each individual whisker is sensitive to the touch, and when stimulated – sends a message to the brain.…

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    Keeneland – First Glances

    Mom and I arrived in Kentucky around 4 on Thursday afternoon. Our first order of business was to check into the hotel, and then to Keeneland it was! Here are a few shots I snapped while we were there! Stay tuned, we came back Friday morning to watch AM workouts. 😉

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    I met California Chrome!

    What a DAY! My mom and I had the pleasure of taking the “California Chrome Experience” at his home in Kentucky. If you don’t keep up with racing, California Chrome is an eight year old thoroughbred stallion, currently worth over $30m. He earned $14 million during his time on the track, including a win in the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Dubai World Cup. He was named 2014 and 2016 Horse of The Year. Now retired, Chrome will live out his days at his home Taylor Made farm in the heart of Kentucky. He enjoys his days in his paddock, making babies, and eating ONLY Mrs. Pasture’s cookies. The whole experience…