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Brooke Legacy Show Shirt

Brb – heading to the show! Just kidding … this shirt makes me wish I was though!

Seriously – a new favorite of mine! I’ve been wearing it around Aiken for the last few shows and not only do I love it – I get so many compliments!

My favorite thing about this shirt is the details. Hands down. The shirt is white with gray and sparkly, yes you read that right, sparkly stitching.

The sparkles on the neck and on the sleeve are subtle, yet glam enough to make an easy statement. I really just can’t get over the sparkle.

The collar has loops for a stock tie, another major plus for dressage riders. If you’re a jumper though – I LOVE the look of this shirt zipped all the way up. Brooke Legacy left out a V shaped slit at the top and I think it’s absolutely stunning, yet again subtle.

The shirt is made from an eco-friendly, stretchy, and breathable fabric. It’s slightly heavier than most other show shirts I own, but not enough to make a difference.

The cut of the shirt, along with the strategic stitching make it very flattering. Although the zipper does not come down as far as it appears (that would be something wouldn’t it) , I love the long line right down the middle of the shirt. Each and every little detail make this shirt a stunner.

This shirt is perfect whether you’re wearing it under your coat, or you wear it bare at a schooling show or during the summer when coats are excused. From a distance, it’s classic and timeless. Up close, it’s full of detail and one of the most beautiful, unique show shirts I’ve ever seen.

My ONLY complaint – size up! Brooke Legacy offers a “tall” option as well! If you’re 5’8 + opt for that!

Click here to get yours!

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