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My 2019 Sunshirt Picks

By now y’all should know, I live in the South. South Carolina to be exact. Summer days are 90+ degrees and full humidity. Y’all think I’m crazy, but I ride in long sleeves all year long. Even on 100 degree days.

Ever wondered why? Ride in a short sleeve or sleeveless shirt, and then ride in a long sleeve sun shirt the next. You’re dramatically cooler, and you avoid the sun burn.

I swear by long sleeve sun shirts and unless something crazy happens, will probably ride in them until I’m dead. In this post I’m going to share with you a handful of my favorites, in no particular order!

1 . Equi in Style …. I know I said I wasn’t listing in specific order, but EIS is probably my all time favorite. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been wearing this brand the longest, but they seem to be very durable and last much longer.

Equi in Style shirts have a SPF of 50, and also have a cooling factor embedded into the fabric to reduce body temperature by five degrees. Furthermore, they have a mesh strip that runs up the inside of the arm for extra airflow and cooling.

PS : EIS always has awesome sales and bundle deals on their website! Click here to get your own!

2 . Tailored Sportsman …. by far the softest of the sunshirts on this list! The material is a bit more clingy to the body, but I’m okay with it. Seriously – SO soft.

The TS IceFil is also slightly lighter weight than the others. Not that it makes a huge difference, but it is nice! This shirt also contains cooling technology to keep riders five degrees cooler.

Another favorite Tailored Sportsman feature is that they come in SO many colors, as well as color combinations! I love the white zipper against this navy shirt!

I purchase all my Tailored Sportsman gear either from Dover, or The Tack Room in Camden.

3 . Anique … although not a “new” brand, Anique is becoming quite popular! I love this shirt because it’s much more detailed than the others, plus it doubles as a gym or tennis shirt! The price is much more justifiable when you look at it that way!

If you want style and functionality, the Anique shirt is for you! Not only is it fashionable and multi-functional, the shirt offers 30 SPF, and cooling technology to keep the rider at a healthy comfortable temperature!

You can get yours here!

4 . Noble Outfitters … another awesome option! This shirt is one of the most durable on the list. Not only durable, but comfortable!

It also has 50 SPF, along with Opti Dry technology to wick away moisture, keeping you cool and dry.

You can get yours here!

5. Horse Pilot .. HP is quickly becoming a new favorite brand of mine, and their sun shirt is becoming a new favorite as well!

This shirt stands out to me because it’s a much different material than most other sun shirts. Think mesh … the whole shirt. Different – but fabulous!

The stylish stitching along with the technology features make this shirt innovative and impressive! It’s very light and incredibly breathable. It is a “slim” fit, so if you don’t like super huggy, order up a size!

Click here to get your own!

6 . Romfh Chill Factor Sun Shirt … Romfh brand anything is good, and the sun shirt is no exception! The Romfh sun shirt has a Chill Factor fabric to keep the rider cool and breezy, as well as offer sun protection to the skin.

It also contains a “Powderfresh” antimicrobial treatment to keep the shirt smelling fresh. Major plus. My only downside to this shirt is the sizing. Size up! Like maybe even twice!

Click here to get yours!

7 . Brooke Legacy … another new favorite of mine! Although the BL base layer is not technically considered a “sun shirt,” I have still been wearing it as one!

It is incredibly soft, as it should be. It’s made from lightweight bamboo fabric. It also features moisture wicking and quick dry technology! Seriously, the best part of the shirt is the comfort! 10/10 in fit and feel.

I love the simple, yet sporty design of this shirt. The unique logo down the sleeve gives it a touch that you don’t see on any other sun shirt! You can get your very own here!

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