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My Top 5 Hoof Products

1 . Fiebing’s Hoof Lotion … you can’t go wrong with a company and product that’s been around since 1895. I remember using this exact product 15 years ago when I was a barn rat riding lesson ponies. Something that old has to be legit!

Although it’s nothing new or trendy, I truly believe you can’t go wrong with Fiebing! The hoof lotion is a unique blend of special ingredients for use on split hooves, corns, quarter cracks and brittle feet. Hoof Lotion helps to maintain the pliability of your horse’s hooves.

It can be used on a frequent basis to keep hooves strong yet flexible and healthy. You can apply to the outside as well as sole of the hoof for all around hoof protection.

I love this product because not only is it old school tried and true, but because of the packaging. It has a built in hoof pick, and most importantly, the can is designed to help reduce dripping and mess! Again, can’t go wrong with that!

You can pick up Fiebing Hoof Lotion at your local tack store or Tractor Supply, or you can order online here!

2 . Keratex Hoof Hardener …. you can’t beat science! Although this product isn’t quite as natural as the others – it WORKS! West is at the end of his farrier cycle and after seeing this product harden his hind soles, I am going to ask my farrier to pull West’s front pads and see if we can’t strengthen his front soles as well.

Hoof Hardener does just that – strengthens weak, worn, and cracked hooves. Outside and inside! It can be applied to the outside of the hoof, as well as the sole for breathable hardening.

This product is a bit different than the others I have listed, it’s a very thin, fine, clear liquid. It works to improve the structure of the hoof horn itself. It comes with a brush for easy application!

The only downside to this product is that it can not be used with any other products. If you’ve been using conditioner on the hoof in the last three weeks, you must degrease before applying. I only use this product on the sole, so I don’t have any problems – but just a heads up!

There is so much science behind this product, and Keratex does a much better of explaining it than I can. Click here to read more and purchase yours!

3 . Ecolicious Hoof Therapy … a new favorite of mine! I haven’t found much of Ecolicous Equestrian that I don’t love! This is a great option if you’d like to ditch the chemicals! It contains certified organic hemp oil, wheat germ oil, apricot kernel burst with essential fatty acids, vitamins A & E, and minerals which are all vital for growth of strong and healthy hooves.

Hoof Therapy is chemical free, and smells delicious! It goes on thin and clear and stays put! The formula heals and protects your horse’s hooves.

Ecolicous Equestrian is a lovely company that truly cares about horse health as well as the environment we put them in. All packaging is made with 100% recycled plastic!

Click here to get yours!

4. Sport Horse Essentials Hoof Oil … I’m always down to try new product. Especially ones with no chemicals! Sport Horse Essentials has exploded onto the scene over the last two years.

This hoof oil is another great organic option! Ingredients contain ” essential oil blend, sesamum indicum oil, fractionated coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, and vegetable gylcerine. ” My rule is that if I can pronounce it, I can use it. SHE passes the test!

SHE offers a non greasy, non staining (important for white hooves!) formula. It comes out clear and really glosses the hoof. This oil is certified USEF and FEI compliant!

Click here to get your own!

5 . Horseshoer’s Secret Hoof Conditioner … Farnman is a company dedicated to hoof health. From the Horseshoer’s Secret hoof supplement, to this conditioner – Farnam gets hooves!

Although thick and goopy, this formula absorbs into the hoof quickly, therfore conditioning quickly. Made up of Glycerine, Avocado Oil, and Lecithin, this product works!

It can be applied to the entire hoof – frog, sole, and coronary band included. It promotes new growth, strength, and healing in existing hoof wall.

Click here to get yours!

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