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Open Farm is a new-ish company that’s come across my radar recently. As the owner of a new puppy, I’m all about finding brands that are good for him.

Before you get hooked – I’ll start by saying, Open Farm is extremely expensive. EXTREMELY. Because of this (and all the DCM mumbo jumbo) I do not feed Open Farm as kibble. I use it for treats and meal toppers. Their cheapest kibble formula would cost me $700 minimum a month to feed my four dogs. That isn’t taking into consideration how active they are ( so it would likely cost me more than $700 ) or even supplements or toppers.

Although expensive, the brand itself is seriously innovative and something I can really get behind. Long story short, the founder of the brand was driving behind a chicken truck one day and noticed how unhealthy the chickens on board looked. This turned her into a animal welfare advocate and encouraged her to start her own pet food company.

Dogs and cats are carnivores – they can’t go vegan like humans can. They need meat. So – if we have to feed it, let’s feed only the highest quality … right? Right. But it doesn’t end at finding the highest quality … the Open Farm founder wanted highest quality AND to take animal welfare into consideration when sourcing for her brand.

One of their slogans is “Better Meat from a Better Place.” They then go on to add ” We source our ingredients in a way that is consistent with our core values that animals should be raised with kindness and respect. Not only does this result in happier and healthier farm animals, it leads to higher quality meat for us and our animals.”

Open Farm is (I believe – don’t quote me) the only pet food company to use Certified Humane, Global Animal Partnership, and Ocean Wise meat. All three of these are independent, non profit, animal welfare rating companies. They have welfare standards for each individual species – and for a meat to be approved – farmers must check hundreds of requirements. Open Farm goes above and beyond to use these meats to 1. – ensure our animals are getting the highest quality, and 2. – ensure that they’re only supporting farmers who are treating animals in the kindest of ways.

If you want to learn more about the Certified Humane, GAP, and Ocean Wise testing, click their individual links!

So where exactly does their meat come from? Good question ..

Beef : Grass fed and raised at pasture, never feedlots. Cows are raised on a vegetarian diet with no antibiotics or growth hormones.

Chicken & Turkey : Raised on family farms with strict welfare standards. Chicken and Turkey are raised naturally on a vegetarian diet with no antibiotics.

Lamb : Pasture raised in New Zealand on a grass fed and grass finished diet. No antibiotics or growth hormones.

Pork : Raised crate free on family farms with strict welfare standards. No antibiotics or growth hormones.

Fish : Through sustainable fishing methods, Open Farm uses only wild caught fish to ensure that fish have lived a natural life and consumed a diet free from antibiotics or artificial feed.

If that isn’t enough for you – each bag of Open Farm has an individualized lot code on the back. You can go here, enter that code – and you will be presented with a list of where EXACTLY each ingredient in that bag came from. You can also see all of it’s health testing.

Ingredient Origins.

Above you can see a short part of the list that comes up when you enter your lot code. Per Open Farm, they don’t list specific farm names or cities for the farmer’s privacy. However – if you REALLY want to know exactly where everything came from – they CAN tell you. You just need to reach out to them privately.

Here you can see the lab results from Midwest – a third party inspection company. This shows you all test results from your specific bag and when exactly they were done.

To me – that transparency is incredible. How many of us can say we really know every single thing that our pets are eating? Heck – I don’t even know where hardly any of the things I eat come from.

Like I said at the start, I do not feed soley Open Farm. I use their Freeze Dried Raw food as high value treats, the Bone Broth’s and Rustic Stews as kibble toppers, and have even tried some of their treats. I will post a separate article soon about what I feed Ward and why, and I will explain more there!

But for now, I hope you’re as impressed with this company as I am. They really go above and beyond to produce what I think is some of the highest quality food, treats, and supplements on the market today. It helps that my dogs go absolutely nuts for their products!

If you want to learn more about the brand, you can visit their website here!

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