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Perri’s Leather Shipping Halter

Hi friends! I have a fun product to talk to you about today! Introducing … the Perri’s Leather Shipping Halter! It’s no secret that West and I have kicked the 2019 show season into full gear already. Between showing and lessons at my trainer’s farm – we are traveling at least one to two times per week. Granted, these are 5-30 minute trips around Aiken, but still – protection and safety are so important to me!

Thick and fluffy crown piece that protects the poll.

When I first bought West – I went all out. When he shipped, he had a halter with “fleecies” and I added the poll cap to the top. I called it his trailer hat. He’s very tall, standing at 17.2hh, but what makes it worse is that his neck comes out of his back almost at a 90 degree angle. This means that when he has his neck straight up, he’s a sky scraper. We’ve had several head dings both in the trailer, and getting on and off the trailer. Even without the trailer hat, this halter has protected his noggin each time!

Hardware is protected by sheepskin.

One of the biggest problems that I had with my cheap, makeshift shipping halter was that the fleecies would always fall off. Between rubbing all up on his hay net and the inside of the trailer, the fleece attachments never stood a chance. They were always on the floor of my trailer by the time we arrived at our destination. The authentic sheepskin on the Perri’s halter is actually stitched into the leather, avoiding this problem completely. It also saves so much time putting those pesky little pieces on and off. It’s so much easier to have a halter designated only for the trailer – just grab and go. I can’t tell you how happy I was to ditch my old “shipping halter!”

The only downside and complaint I have about this is that if I wanted to start using a poll cap again, the crown piece is not removable, making that almost impossible. So far, I see no reason to – the halter is already doing a great job at keeping his head safe, but if you have a horse who absolutely requires a poll cap – you might have to cut out the sheepskin on the crown to make it work! Just something to keep in mind.

Instead of a crown, nose, and two side pieces (that you typically get in a fleecie pack) the Perri’s halter is padded all the way around. All the hardware is padded as well as the underside of the face. Seriously, I never know what this horse is going to catch or rub his face on. You can see in the above photo how well the halter is padded. Safety first!

Aside from the safety and functionality, the halter is beautiful! Perri’s describes it as ….

“Perri’s Sheepskin Shipping Halter is completely covered with stitched-on fleecy, natural sheepskin for your horse’s complete comfort. Adding to the luxuriousness of this halter, the sheepskin boasts soft, hand rubbed edges. Expertly crafted in America using top quality premium leather and solid brass hardware, each cut, stitch and finishing touch is completed by the hands of a small number of local Amish leather workers. To make this plush halter even better, we incorporated a double-buckle crown and a convenient snap at the throat. Simply the best, for the best!”

They weren’t kidding! The sheepskin is some of the softest and fluffiest I’ve felt! It’s also very thick, which brings me peace of mind knowing that if he hits his face, it will be protected.

The halter comes in pony, cob, horse, and oversize sizes, as well as an option for havana or black. Don’t be fooled, the colors refer to the color of the leather itself. The havana halter comes with white sheepskin, and the black halter comes with black sheepskin. West is seen here wearing the Havana, horse size. Although large, he wears standard horse size in his halters and bridles, but if you’ve got a horse with a blockier head – I would opt for the oversize!


If I had to be UBER picky – I’d change one more thing about the halter. When clipping the throat latch – the clip naturally lays against the face. I might just be a crazy person, but I never never clip my halters like this! Although very padded, if West did happen to ram his face into something, that clip *could* go into his skin. I might just be paranoid, but that’s just something I’ve always been a stickler about. I always hook my halters with the clip facing out. This leaves the smooth side touching the face, avoiding a potential accident. The clip on the Perri’s halter CAN be clipped this way, but like I said, it’s not the way they intended it to – so you have to twist it around pretty hard.

Again, this is me being very picky – but that’s what a product review is for, right?

It is easy to clean, Perri’s recommended that I brush off dirt with a hard brush and then spot clean with Mattes Sheepskin Cleaner. If you’ve got a horse who really likes to get messy, I would recommend going with the black halter. Equally as beautiful, but it shows a lot less mess.

Overall, I give this halter an A++. The safety and craftmanship are like no other. If you’re a frequent traveller, or you have a horse prone to boo boos, this halter is the way to go! I feel confident knowing that he is protected! Perri’s was also so helpful and kind, which is huge for me. I reached out via email because I had a few questions about the halter and it’s maintenance, someone got back to me almost immediately!

Because I love this halter so much, Perri’s and I have teamed up to offer you 10% off the purchase of your own! Or any Perri’s product! Use “EMILY10” at checkout!

Click here to get one for yourself!

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