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Shoo Fly, shoo scratches!

If you read any of my posts earlier in the summer, you’ll know that West was struggling HARD with scratches, more specifically photodermatitis. A friend of mine recommended Shoo Fly boots to help.

Fly boots for scratches?? No way. That’s what I thought, but I bought them anyways. You can read my first impressions of the boots, as well as what size, etc I got here.

At least the flies are staying off his legs!

Turns out she was right. Fly boots obviously can not treat scratches, but they helped the process and have been 100% effective at keeping them from coming back. West was put on an aggressive medication by my vet, and we were also using a topical. The fly boots kept moisture and the sun away from his precious white socks and allowed him to heal.

Once all areas of infection had cleared up, we continued to use the fly boots with great success. They essentially removed both factors that were causing the photodermatitis – UV rays and moisture – and kept them away from his legs, preventing the infections from reappearing.

My final impressions …

The boots are innovative and different from any other boot on the market. The way they stay OFF of the legs is incredible. ( I’ve seen some nasty abscesses caused by traditional fly boots. ) I was not expecting these boots to hold up, especially not to 24/7 wear. After wearing them all summer long, I am happy to report that while they might not be quite as pretty anymore, the boots are still in tact. All Velcro closures are still strong, and the material has not sagged or dropped. I will advise not to put these in the washing machine though. I did once, and the material of the boot snagged. There are several snagged areas on the boots, but the material is strong and has held up to everything that West managed to get into. The boots will likely last me another summer, and I look forward to seeing if they’ll be able to prevent the scratch fiasco completely next year. I stand by my color choice of the orange, because the rare times that these come off, it is much easier to find them in the pasture! The boots are comfortable for the horse, although every time they go on he does do the goofy steps for a few strides, and then it’s like they aren’t there!

Overall, 9.5/10. The only reason I didn’t give them a 10 is because they are not able to be washed in the machine. Other than that, A++ product that I will definitely be buying again in the future!

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