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Smartpak Ultimate Fly Sheet : First Looks

The Smartpak fly sheet is here, and just in time! Aiken hit the 80’s this week, which means flies and gnats are back.

After spending an a$$ of money last year on the Rambo fly sheet (yeah, the $250 one) and being utterly disappointed in the fit and quality – I decided to give old faithful a try. AKA Smartpak. Regardless of what anyone says ….. you just can’t beat the fit, quality, and warranty of Smartpak blankets.

Smartpak revealed their brand new fly sheets at the beginning of the year, and I’ve been on the pre order list since. It finally arrived yesterday, and West got to take it for a spin today.

West is wearing the Ultimate Fly Sheet in size 84 in “Sandstone w/ Black and Raspberry Trim.” Smartpak describes their sheet as …..

  • Made from comfortable and durable mesh to protect your horse from bugs
  • Mesh can “fix” itself – it will recover from small tears on its own
  • Protect your horse’s skin and coat with 70% UV protection
  • Backed by our 3-Year Durability Guarantee so you can have peace of mind that it will last
  • Extended tail flap, wide belly band closure, and detachable neck cover for extra protection
  • Silky, smooth lining at the shoulders and withers to reduce rubs
  • The SmartContour™ cut, which is a specialized, curved cutout at the front of the sheet, allows for more forward range of motion
  • Shoulder gussets for freedom of movement
  • Secure, adjustable fit with Velcro neck closures, quick-clip front closures, three cross-belly surcingles, and elasticized and removable leg straps

All of that sounds great. Especially the part about the “fix itself” fabric and the three year warranty. If you’re familiar with the Rambo fly sheets, you’ll know that they “fix” themselves as well, which is why I took the plunge on such an expensive sheet. Not only did it not fit West well, but straps were ripped off and broken within weeks, and Rambo does not offer a warranty. The fact that this sheet offers both of those things is great to me!

Aside from those two things, my favorite feature has to be the rear leg straps. (Sorry for the weiner pic, I had to show y’all.) This is something that the Rambo did NOT have – I frequently came out to the barn with West’s sheet hanging halfway off. Rear leg straps are so important to any type of sheet or blanket that your horse wears without supervision. This blanket is also noticeably thinner and softer than the Rambo, which I like.

Immediate dislikes : it does not fit like the Ultimate blankets. I was really really hoping it would, because the blankets fit him perfectly. The fit isn’t awful, but it is a tad big in the chest and I have a feeling that it might cause rubs. If I sized down to the 81, it would not fit around his belly or rump. We’ll have to make it work. The neck is also short. Granted, West has the longest neck in the history of ever, but still – it seems a tad short even for *normal* horses.

It currently retails for $159.95. You can find the exact sheet here!

If West is still wearing this sheet in four weeks, I will do a one month update, and then another one after the summer is over – stay tuned!

4/20/19 UPDATE * Exactly one week after posting my “first impressions” ….. we have our first rip. 🙁

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