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StripHair Original

If you have any kind of social media account, you’ve probably heard of Strip Hair by now. StripHair – or the “The Gentle Groomer” is taking the entire world by storm. It is an all in one grooming tool, focused on shedding and removing dead hair.

The tool is made of soft, solid rubber and is flexible to hold and use in your hand. It is infused with orange and olive oils to increase durability, performance, and benefit.

It can be used to remove loose hair during shedding season, to lather shampoo and remove excess water on bath day, remove dust and mud, and distribute natural oils for a beautiful coat shine.

The backside of the tool is the curry. I use this side first, because it works just like a curry comb would, removing loose dirt, dust and dander.

You can see that my tool is a bit dirty here, (we were in the middle of a grooming session) good news is that it rinses clean! The grooming diamonds do not hold on to dirt or debris, making cleaning the tool easy and quick!

Hold the tool flat against the body like this to use the curry side.

before using curry side of StripHair.
after using curry side of StripHair – no other brushes or spray
– just a few minutes of currying with the back side of the tool.

Next, on each end of the top of the tool, you have a smaller, more gentle curry area. I use this for the face, legs, and sensitive areas like the wither and back. The entire tool is a flexible rubber, which makes getting areas like this easy!

Finally, the most innovative part of this product – the grooming edge. The gentle grooming edge. I think Strip Hair puts an emphasis on “gentle” in everything this product does because it truly is. West does not tolerate a metal shedding blade. No way, no how. Believe me, that’s one of the many things I tried during our shedding saga. West is able to be comfortably groomed with the StripHair, and as a owner of a sensitive horse – that’s HUGE for me.

I ordered this tool because West took much longer than usual to shed out this year. I was in a bit of a tough spot, because he’s body clipped – which means he’s not dropping hair like the furry pasture mammoths, and there wasn’t enough hair to clip him again. Regardless, the old hair had to come out, and new, summer hair had to grow in.

Hold the grooming edge at a 45 degree angle to remove dead hair.

West does this every year. He’s perfectly healthy, gets great nutrition, the whole nine yards… there’s no medical explanation for why he takes so long to shed his winter coat (and why he does it in sections) it’s just the way he is. In the past, I haven’t worried about it and just let him shed at his own pace. This year we had a deadline to meet – he was having portraits done by a photographer mid April and HAD to be shed out to his summer coat. Shedding efforts started at the beginning of March with no luck. No amount of currying was releasing the gross, dead, dull hair from his coat.

I tried everything. Every kind of curry … metal, rubber, plastic. Every type of shedding tool. I ordered a $40 dog grooming tool that was supposed to grab old hairs and remove them – that didn’t work. I probably spent at least $150 on bogus grooming products. I even changed a few things in his diet to promote even more coat health. We double wormed him. Nothing worked.

I ordered the Original Strip Hair tools as a last resort, and was fully expecting them to help this situation in zero way.

The proof is in the pudding folks! Look at all that DEAD hair! Just look at the color of the new, summer coat vs the color of the hair that the tool removed.

This is one week of using the StripHair! There are still a few spots that need to be finished (belly area mostly) but look at the difference in his color! The tool pulled out all that old, dead, tan hair and now his rich, red summer coat is growing in!

I will update this post and add another before and after once I’ve completely finished shedding him out – but I wanted everyone to see that one week transformation! I shouldn’t even say one week, because I wasn’t even there to use it daily during those seven days. I only used it four times!

I am highly impressed and pleasantly surprised. There was way more old hair in there than I thought. This product really goes above and beyond, and I’m exceptionally impressed because when I say I tried everything else – I mean it. If it was pulling out West’s uber short, stubborn hair this well, I’d love to see what it does to a horse who has a full winter coat that needs shedding!

Thank you StripHair for being the miracle I needed! I will definitely continue to use this product throughout the year and again during shedding season in the years to come!

I also ordered the Sensitive StripHiar for my dogs and cat, all of which are loving it as well!

You can get your very own StripHair Gentle Groomer here!

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