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The best summer riding glove!

If you live anywhere similar to where I live, you know that the summer is a struggle 95+ degree days and at least 90% humidity at all times. Gross. I’m always looking for the most innovative way to stay cool when riding in the summer months.

Introducing the Roeckl Laila Suntan glove! I’ve been drawn to this glove for the past few years not necessarily because of riding tans, but because my hands get so hot in gloves during the summer months. Shoutout to South Carolina, frfr.

The Laila Suntan glove offers a thin, see through mesh top to keep hands cool and avoid those horrid glove tan lines.

Hands down my new favorite glove! The top is constructed of a soft, flexible, see through mesh, which the bottom is thin, grippy leather. Although the leather is much thinner than other Roeckl gloves, I find it to be just as secure on the reins.

My ONLY downside to this glove – it’s so thin, making it not the most durable. See above, lol. Be extra, extra careful when wearing these – they do snag and rip easily!

I love the sporty design, they make the perfect everyday schooling glove!

You can get yours via Smartpak here!

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