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Tucker Tweed Tryon Travel

Hi friends! In my last post I told you all about my trip to Tryon International Equestrian Center! Today I want to share about one of my favorite products that I brought along with me! Appropriately named, the Tryon Travel bag by Tucker Tweed!

Tryon Travel …. at Tryon International Equestrian Center.

In upcoming months, there will be an entire Tryon Travel series, but for right now, the duffle is the only bag available. Jill, the Tucker Tweed owner has shared her ideas for upcoming pieces with me, and they are going to be so incredible!

The single duffle is perfect for overnights or short, weekend trips. I fit three pairs of breeches, four long sleeve sunshirts, a pair of pajamas, a pair of jeans, a dress, workout leggings, workout shirt, a handful of undies, and a sports bras, and a few pairs of flats in the bag for our weekend trip. That’s a lot! Especially for a 36 hour trip. Whoops. There is also a private zipper pocket on the inside! I like to put things like jewelry, medicines, keys, or really anything that can easily get lost in here!

It’s like it belongs here!

If you’re close to me, you know that deep down … I’m a messy person. Things are on the floor, they’re thrown around, they get dirty. This bag receives a 10/10 for durability. Made from 900d heavy duty nylon, it is strong and easy to clean. It actually rode in the tack room of my trailer the whole way there and back. It still looks (and smells) good as new. If you’re a fellow lover of high end bags, you’re likely familiar with Longchamp. I would describe the material and durability of the Tucker Tweed Tryon duffle as very similar!

What the bag looks like when you first open the box!

Like any other high end bag, the Tucker Tweed Tryon comes packaged carefully wrapped and padded. It also comes covered in a monogrammed slip bag for extra protection. Don’t throw this away! I love repurposing these bags, and because of the size, this one is perfect as your laundry bag! When traveling, I always bring a “laundry bag.” I put dirty clothes in this instead of back in my suitcase with all my other clean clothes. A stylish way to recycle!

Not only is the size, functionality, and longevity of the bag important, but the style matters too! Tucker Tweed offers a large range of bags, targeting a large range of equestrian disciplines. You can choose from hunter/jumper, dressage, fox hunting, or the Tucker Tweed logo for the embossment on each bag. I opted for the logo, also known as the “Signature.” As much as I love horses, I try not to go overboard. I have so many other things that scream “I’m a horse girl!!” and I wanted to go traditional with this one. Even though the bag doesn’t feature a horse, it still gives off a classic, equestrian vibe. The leather accents and contrasted stitching speak to my inner horse girl.

Close up of the Tucker Tweed logo. Photo : Tucker Tweed.

Along with the logo, you can also choose which color you want your bag. It currently comes in black/black and chestnut/black. I obviously went with the chestnut. I love love the black, but for this bag, I thought the chestnut contrast was SO beautiful and gave even more of an equestrian touch.

Close up of rolled handle.

The bag has beautifully designed accents. It comes with supple, rolled leather handles, as well as a removable shoulder strap for easier carrying.

Close up of corner reinforcement and silver foot.
Shoulder strap clip.

All four corners as well as the ends of the zipper are reinforced with leather. Again, durable, as well as stylish. The bag features four silver feet on the bottom, which helps avoid damage.

Tryon Travel observing the dressage ring at TIEC.

Overall, this is a fabulous travel bag. The performance and the design, combined with the price is unbeatable. It is currently priced at $215, which I feel is 100% fair, and if I’m being honest … probably a little low! To me this bag embodies the value of something $300+, so for $215 – that’s a steal!

Like I mentioned before, this is bag one of an entire series! There should be new items launching in the coming months, and they’re already on my wishlist! I haven’t actually seen the ideas, but I’ve heard about them. Knowing Jill Tweedy, they’re SURE to be fabulous! I will let y’all know as soon as those are released!

You can find this exact bag here, and the Tucker Tweed website here!

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