Reader Testimonials

I originally started ( and still use ) this website as an outlet for myself to use my love of writing, and throw a bit of everything I love in there with it. I also love to cater to my specific audiences that I’ve built along the way. I love sharing personal experiences, and it’s even sweeter when they help someone.

Below are reviews and testimonials from The Head Equestrian readers and fans from all over the world!

” I’ve been following Emily and West for about a year. My friend Claire introduced me to her page and I started following her when I found out my horse couldn’t be jumped anymore. It gave me hope to see someone in a similar situation be able to ‘turn lemons into lemonade.’ I love that she takes the time to connect with her audience and personally answer any questions or comments that you might have. I know I can always trust Emily’s opinion on products because she’s very open about why a product does or doesn’t work. I know I can always count on an unfiltered and unbiased opinion. I’m so grateful that I have a place to go where I can learn more, connect with people, and stay up to date with all things horse. I 11/10 recommend following The Head Equestrian whether or not you’re a beginner or a professional. Emily does a fantastic job of making everyone feel included. ” – Paige Brooksby : Utah, USA

“Being both a horse and sporting dog owner, I can always rely on Emily for the best advice possible. Thanks to her great product reviews, DIYs, and her “Emily’s Opinions” column, I am never left in doubt. She always goes above and beyond to help in any way possible and puts 100% effort into everything that she does. I got my Labrador Retriever puppy around the same time that Emily added Ward, and was so thankful for all of her great puppy advice. After a week and a half of using her DIY Coconut Oil treat recipe, my sporting dogs had the best coats they’ve ever had. I always find myself showing her pictures to friends and family and I’m thankful for all the hard work she puts into her website and Instagram accounts!” – Rhett Thompkins : Camden, South Carolina

“I really enjoy this blog and look forward to the posts. Emily has definitely helped me with finding new things to help me and my horse. I’ve bought several things that Emily has recommended, and actually just ordered Huel yesterday, based off her review. I think The Head Equestrian posts are entertaining and informative. I look forward to hearing Emily’s advice, horse health care, and riding tips!” – Erin Green : Ontario, Canada

“I love keeping up with Ward on Instagram and reading the blog. I don’t own or ride horses, but I do enjoy them – so I love that she writes about both horses and dogs. Emily has posted a lot of educational articles that have really helped me with my Beagle, Blue. I approached her with a question about his excessive shedding, and she recommended a great supplement and brush for his coat. I’m happy to report that I have no more hair on my apartment floor! I always trust her opinion, and love reading her blog.” – Summer Blair : Charleston, South Carolina

“I thoroughly enjoy reading the blog because Emily 100% calls everything as it is. She doesn’t sugar coat anything, but at the same time she always gives credit where credit is due. She posts for the genuine benefit and education of the equestrian world, rather than just trying to gain followers or get something for free. She’s genuine, honest, and hilarious. I bought my American Equus stirrups because she and I both had the same issue with another brand, and she recommended the American Equus as an alternative that she’d had success with. Dropping $300+ on a pair of stirrups should speak on how much I trust her judgement. She’s never steered me wrong, and she’s helped me with recommendations on several occasions!” – Julie Galovich : Illinois, USA

” I’ve been silently following @theheadequestrian for a few years now, and it wasn’t until I moved to Aiken, South Carolina for the winter of 2018 that I actually had any interaction with Emily. I was having a problem with one of my horses, and I didn’t know anyone else there – so I reached out to Emily. She actually came out to my farm, and met me to help me with the problem I was having. She introduced me to great people in town, and gave me tips and recommendations for my time there. Emily and I also both show dogs, and have shows planned together for the next time I’m in The States. I love reading her blog and seeing her posts, and always recommend her website to both my horse and dog friends! ” – Katarina Kučič, Bistricia Slovenia

“I’ve been following Emily for I don’t even know how long at this point. I’m pretty sure either right before or when she purchased West. I originally started following her because of the tips and tricks she always posted for horses that were so easy to follow. You can always count on her opinion to be honest and unbiased on any product she reviews whether it’s horse or dog related. When she started her blog, I was SO hoping that she would include things for dogs too. She has been a life saver when it comes to her dog tips and tricks. Having three dogs it’s always nice to find easy and inexpensive ways to make brain games or just simple dog treats that are good for them and won’t break the bank. Everything she writes is so easy to follow and generally extremely reasonably priced to DIY yourself. She’s professional, and truly takes the time to connect with the people reading, as if you’ve been friends for years. 100/10 recommend her website to everyone!! ” – Mia Foley : Bakersfield, California

“I have one mini pony and two dogs. I really like that this website has stuff for both. Emily’s tips for Kong recipes have been so helpful for making my dog healthy treats. It’s like meal prep but for dogs!! I have recommended her recipes to many dog owners. ” – Linda Pines : Bristol, England

” I live in Western Canada with one horse and one dog. Emily’s information has benefited both me and my four-legged friends so much. I’m always excited to see what’s posted next and I can guarantee that everyone in the animal industry can learn something here that will be handy in your daily lives! It seems that no matter what situation I’m in, both riding and horse ownership, I can take at least one recommendation from Emily’s posts. I gain more knowledge and find products and experiences that I love. Ever since I started following along, I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop!” – Azura Idu : British Columbia, Canada