Good Morning Keeneland, Good Morning Racehorses!

Mom and I woke up eaaarly Friday morning and headed out to the track. We arrived at 7am, before the sun even came up – jockeys and horses were already out and workouts were in full swing.

Some horses were lightly cantering, some just walking or trotting, and some were full out galloping. Some jockeys rode alone, some in pairs, and others in packs, similar to how they are on race day.

We watched for probably an hour before heading to the Track Kitchen for breakfast. If you’re ever at Keeneland in the morning – you have to eat here! You eat along side the jockeys, owners, and grooms. After breakfast we walked back over to the track, where workouts were still going on.

Enjoy this set of photos – I promise, they get better as you keep scrolling! It was so dark when we got there, my camera was struggling! I managed to capture some incredible images towards the end!

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