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2019 Competition Year in Review

2019 … what a year. I know it isn’t technically over – but our show year almost is.

For my loyal followers, you know that West and I were forced into dressage in November of 2018 due to his EPM diagnosis. Thankfully West has been previously competed through fourth level – however, I had no prior dressage experience.

I took my first dressage lesson in November, and we competed for the first time in January of 2019 at Stable View. Apparently it wasn’t as great as it felt, because we scored a 59.615%. I was still thrilled.

Fast forward to two months later, when we showed for the second time on March 5th at Paradise Farm. We stepped our game up and brought home a 66.5%. March 13th at Stable View we scored a 61.346, March 24th at Full Gallop Farm we scored a 60.38% – that was a wreck – you can read my post on that one here. March 28th at Apple Tree Farm we brought home our best score to date – 69.5%.

West enjoyed a much needed break after March and did not compete again until May 8th at Stable View. He secured a 68.071% – for which I was thrilled.

Fast forward to July 27th at The Vista – another great score of 66.346%.

On August 11th at Stable View he brought home scores of 65.96% and 66.15%.

September 11th at Stable View he brought home scores of 68.5% and 65.5% and September 21 at The Vista he brought home a 59% and 60.5%. I was not a happy camper that day, as I did NOT feel West deserved the scores that he received. Both rides felt 65%+ to me. There was controversy over the judge and scorings at this event, which made me feel a bit better, but you win some, you lose some. You move on.

West will wrap up his final show of the year on October 5th at The Vista in Aiken.

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