What's Up with West?

Off with the mane!

It’s true, the mane is gone. All of it. πŸ™ I’ve been playing with the idea of roaching for a while now, but it’s really been on my mind the last few months.

Most of you know, (because you’ve seen me bitching all over Instagram about it) but West’s blankets rubbed out a nice big chunk of his mane over the winter. It happened in late December, and it’s now May and we still have no new growth. The blanket situation was addressed, but the hair still wasn’t growing back in.

pre-roach … this is the lovely patch of mess that for the life of me would not grow.

You know how when you shaved your legs for the first time, the hair grew back thicker? That’s what I’m hoping is going to happen here. West’s bridle path grows like a weed, so I’m hoping we’ll have a brand new mane in a few months. Not only that, but I’m hoping the hair will come in thicker and much, much healthier.

After roaching, I see why we weren’t getting new growth – the skin on the right side of the bottom half of his crest is pretty thin and unhealthy. Almost fungusy … I might be able to credit that to all the topical “hair growth” products I desperately tried when attempting to grow the hair back. Who knows. I’ve started treating the unhealthy portion of the mane, so hopefully that will be cleared up in no time!

I left his forelock and a few inches of hair at the bottom of the mane for wither protection from his fly sheet and saddle.

view from the top
lots of gray coming in πŸ™

I was so scared to do it because I was terrified of how he’d look, but honestly …. the big guy looks GREAT! My plan is to let it grow all the way out, but I can’t wait to see what he looks like with about an inch of a mohawk. You never know, he might be maneless forever!

I will be taking photos and uploading them every Wednesday until it grows out (if I let it) – you can find the link of that post here!


  • Anna

    I love a good roached mane! I convinced my trainer to roach her horses, and he was so twitchy with his mane being touched and now he’s so much happier without it. We’re thinking of putting shapes in it when it get a little longer

  • Amber

    I personally recommend a feeding supplement called bio mane! you can find that on Instagram and research about it! It’s a really great product to use for mane AND tail growing strong and healthy!

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